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compass in the form of a card that rotates so that 0 degrees or North points to magnetic north

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In addition to the COASTER and SPRINTER, NCTD operates the BREEZE bus system, FLEX rural and on-demand service and LIFT paratransit all of which accept the Compass Card.
Thanks to the magnets' interaction with Earth's magnetic field, the assembly wants to point to the north, and the compass card is attached 180 degrees opposite that indication.
If you were lucky--or wealthy--enough to have an RMI (remote magnetic indicator), which was really nothing more than that bearing pointer on a compass card that, instead of merely being fixed or manually adjustable, was slaved to your heading indicator, life got a whole lot easier.
As I went to pull out the checklist, my pilot told me the compass card was spinning freely, ratcheting, and randomly reversing direction of spin.
Construction includes a high-impact composite outer case, 25X optical glass magnifying crystal, and a Mylar compass card seated on a tiny sapphire bearing that will never wear out Waterproof, weatherproof and highly shock resistant, the unit is specified to work from n40-degrees F.
Pivoting the needle on an axis, adding a compass card and later, when metal hulls interfered with the magnetic needle, magnetic compensation systems were invented.
The smsComet and eWalletPlus systems will be used for the loading and un-loading of the smsComet Value card, Compass Card, and to facilitate the transfer of funds between the Compass and smsComet cards.
Cubic Transportation Systems (CTS), a business unit of Cubic Corporation (NYSE:CUB), today announced that its Compass Card processed more than one billion taps by Metro Vancouvers public transit users since its launch in 2015.
It displays left/right/vertical course and steering guidance, to/from and heading-valid flags, a compass card and a heading bug for interacting with an autopilot.
Heading mode orients the HSI to display aircraft heading in a conventional manner, with the current heading value shown at the top of the compass card as indicated by the lubber line.
The corrective-heading readings on the standby compass card is vital and will let the pilot know which direction to navigate should both embedded INS systems be lost.
Thanks to less-than-adequate instrument lighting, I barely could read my BDHI compass card and couldn't see the DME.
Compass Card is the contactless smart card payment system designed and integrated by Cubic for the regions transportation authority, TransLink.
The answer was the horizontal situation indicator (HSI) that put a VOR/LOC indicator inside the heading indicator compass card.
It's more difficult using the deck or glareshield mount and if they don't get it right, it's easy for the compass card to hang up or stick.