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compass in the form of a card that rotates so that 0 degrees or North points to magnetic north

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Too often, the "miscellaneous history" section of the aircraft logbook, MAF/work order, or compass card is incomplete or filed incorrectly in maintenance admin.
The only light in the wheelhouse was the small light shining down on the constantly rocking compass card.
The only gripe on our jet we were concerned about was a freely spinning compass card that had been signed off after switching out a box.
Yes, pricey, but just a beautiful prismatic hand-bearing compass with a mother of pearl compass card readable in even the lowest light The solid brass housing shines like gold, and the 25X magnifying prism helps you read small print The compass is liquid filled, with mineral crystal glass, plus features a rotating bezel with lock and thumb loop.
The smsComet and eWalletPlus systems will be used for the loading and un-loading of the smsComet Value card, Compass Card, and to facilitate the transfer of funds between the Compass and smsComet cards.
The corrective-heading readings on the standby compass card is vital and will let the pilot know which direction to navigate should both embedded INS systems be lost.