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  • verb

Synonyms for compartmentalize

categorize or categorise


Synonyms for compartmentalize

separate into isolated compartments or categories

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Jordan herself criticizes identity politics for its essentialist and compartmentalizing tendencies: "I despair of identity politics-because identity is given and principles of justice/equality/freedom cut across given gender and given racial definitions of being, and because I will call you my brother, I will call you my sister, on the basis of what you do for justice, what you do for equality, what you do for freedom and not on the basis of who you are .
This business approach to livestock management is also compartmentalizing what had once been multipurpose breeds into distinct functional niches.
Also, compartmentalizing the many demands placed on us helps substantially in making our time more productive.
He persuasively criticizes such well-known authorities as James Scott for compartmentalizing different social groups and for defining virtually anything a subordinate group does as resistance.
In many cases, this type of compartmentalizing results in companies offering more time off to employees than intended.
By compartmentalizing their sexuality, men often lose control in dangerous ways