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Synonyms for compartmentalize

categorize or categorise


Synonyms for compartmentalize

separate into isolated compartments or categories

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Our research did not support the popular notion that most scientists use either the Conflict: Science over Theology or the Compartmentalism (science and theology share no common ground) paradigms.
Similar results were found for scientists using two simultaneous paradigms; Complementarism with Concordism (41%), Conflict: Science over Theology with Compartmenalism (38%), Conflict: Theology over Science with Concordism (15%), Compartmentalism with Complementarism (3%), and Conflict Science over Theology with Complementarism (3%) (Table 4).
As a group, only science professors reporting their religious affiliation to be "None" employed either the Conflict: Science over Theology paradigm or the Compartmentalism paradigm.
Those respondents identifying with more conservative religious affiliation (Evangelical Protestant), compared to those identifying with more liberal religious affiliation (Mainline Protestant) and "Other," were far more likely to shun the Conflict: Science over Theology or the Compartmentalism paradigms--with Catholics on average being more comparable to mainline Protestants.
Conversely, average scores on the Compartmentalism and Conflict: Science over Theology paradigm subscales decreased in direct proportion to increases in reported levels of religious commitment.
What haughty compartmentalism can long withstand that reality once we take it within?
Because of rigid compartmentalism in government ministries there has been more discussion than action with regard to collaboration between sectors.
Press, 1992) develop the thesis of "fragmented authoritarianism" to describe a bureaucratic system characterized by bargaining, competition, and compartmentalism.