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  • verb

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separate into isolated compartments or categories

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I try not to compartmentalise things too much into years, but generally speaking, I'm happier than I've ever been in my life," thesun.
I try not to compartmentalise things too much into years, but generally speaking I'm happier than I've ever been in my life," the Sun quoted him as saying on the show.
We have to keep improving every week, and compartmentalise the areas where we have been poor.
You feel people are either for you, or against you, but it's not that black and white, so stop trying to compartmentalise them.
However, Brown claims he was merely trying to compartmentalise the season in saying he would have been happy with 20 points from the first 10 games and 20 from the second.
Storage security solutions must provide the ability to cryptographically compartmentalise data on shared devices or networks, and customise access controls and security requirements for each 'vault.
You see, it's not that we have no feelings, if anything I find most journalists are some of the most empathetic people (not all, obviously), it's just we have a job to do and while writing of heartbreak, devastation, sculduggery or misery, we compartmentalise it.
That's now three defeats in a row, and you can't compartmentalise the fact two of them were against arguably two of the best teams in the world.
Daley, who finished fourth at diving's World Cup in Shanghai on Sunday, countered: "The TV shows I've done have always fitted around my training and I learned to compartmentalise different aspects of my life from a very young age.
Culturally we are evolving, whereas in the past it has been easy to compartmentalise information within our lives into differently appropriate social contexts, now all those walks of life have been heaped somewhat ungracefully together on our 'wall'.
Men often do this thing where they compartmentalise sex from love.
Some politicians seem to compartmentalise their views to protect themselves from their own hypocrisy.
Strauss, though, stressed: "I think it's important to compartmentalise each form of the game and pick the best side to play in any given series.
I had to think about savings, I had to budget and compartmentalise my life so that I could pay my debts and start saving for a rainy day, something I never did with Rob.
Politicians make a terrible mistake when they try to compartmentalise the voters, speaking only to those in parts of the country or those who frequent certain shops," he said.