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Excuse me, gentlemen,--this compartment is reserved.
As for my interest, monsieur, I only referred to it by mere chance,--the mere chance of finding myself in the same train with you, and in the same compartment of the same carriage.
I have been travelling in an uncomfortable compartment," she observed.
A rush of salt, cold air swept into the compartment.
A maid was already awaiting her at the door of the compartment.
For the most part, they keep their various activities in various compartments, and they can pursue one to the temporary exclusion of the other.
There were bundles of labels, cupboards, and drawers with compartments, and wire guards for the cupboards, to allow free access to the air whilst keeping out slugs, mice, dormice, and rats, all of them very curious fanciers of tulips at two thousand francs a bulb.
He had been curious to know things, and whatever he acquired he had filed away in separate memory compartments in his brain.
It was but a loft partitioned into two compartments, where they were to rest, but they were well pleased with their lodging and had hoped for none so good.
Bell S: Repeat compartment decompression with partial fasciectomy.
This can prove to be an injury deterrent, as overdevelopment in one or a series of muscle compartments without a concurrent focus on the opposing compartments can be deleterious to the weaker area over time.
In the passenger compartment, a waste bag can be fixed by Velcro to the rear of the front seats, as can a portable backpack.
In the passenger compartment a waste bag can be fixed by Velcro to the rear of the front seats, as can a portable backpack.
Or it could be compartment syndrome, which occurs when the muscle swells inside its casing or compartment.
Chapter 3 of the 2000 edition also requires that "each storage compartment shall be designed to contain fire from spreading to any adjacent records storage compartment.
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