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compare prices for a given item

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com site are in direct response to what our customers have indicated will help make their natural gas comparison-shopping searches more targeted," said Elizabeth Maberry, vice president of service providers at WhiteFence.
DealTime searches thousands of online stores to find the most comprehensive comparison-shopping information.
One final aspect of the toolkit is its ability to have individual products automatically submitted to auction and comparison-shopping portals like Froogle and eBay.
29 /PRNewswire/ - - Frictionless Commerce Incorporated, an e-commerce start-up that provides next-generation comparison-shopping services to high traffic Web sites, today announced that its President, Alexander F.
According to terms of the agreement, KARVY Global Services is building a Healthcare Savings Account (HSA) and health insurance plan database for Healthia, a US-based comparison-shopping portal for healthcare and HSA service providers.
LOS ANGELES -- Starting today, PriceGrabber, the Web's most innovative and trusted comparison-shopping site, provides an easier way to buy or lease a new car or truck.
Use comparison-shopping sites which scour the Internet within
Search and has been completely redesigned with a new focus on comparison-shopping.
com's free broadband provider comparison-shopping service, the company has also organized and created a Broadband Directory, which has links to exclusive broadband related sites.
The addition of DealTime's superior comparison-shopping technology significantly enhances the functionality of our shopping channel by providing the best information and tools for shopping online," said Bill Daugherty, iWon founder and co-CEO.
iPlace also has signed a partnership agreement that will bring OmniChoice's telecom and utility comparison-shopping service to the iPlace.
DealTime(R), the world's leading online comparison-shopping service announced today that it will acquire Digital Jones, Inc.