comparative psychology

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the branch of psychology concerned with the behavior of animals

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After returning to Germany in 1920, Kohler did not continue his comparative psychology research in primates.
Journal of Comparative Psychology published online 1 April 2013.
Holyoke Colleges, and it could also be integrated into college-level courses on developmental or comparative psychology.
He introduces radical behaviorism as a philosophy of science, including treating behavior as a subject matter in its own right, then describes the foundations of radical behaviorism from 1800-1930, including the contribution of post-Darwinian comparative psychology, and then the second phase of the movement and the contributions of Skinner.
Existe una International Society for Comparative Psychology (ISCP), cuyo siguiente Congreso es en Buenos Aires en 2008 y numerosas asociaciones regionales y nacionales de psicologos comparativos.
Herbert Spencer, "The Comparative Psychology of Man," (1876) in Essays Scientific, Political, and Speculative (New York, 1910), pp.
His studies in psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, and comparative psychology have provided Bell the opportunities to discover first-hand how different students learn differently.
55) that Morgan was not attempting to free comparative psychology from its mentalistic origins.
See Mackenzie, 1977, for another interpretation of the significance of phenomenological methodology in comparative psychology.
Mothers only reacted to the cries of their own infants and sometimes hurried in the direction of the calls, the researchers report in the March JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE PSYCHOLOGY.
Social Cognition and Social Motivations in Infancy (Malinda Carpenter, Department of Developmental and Comparative Psychology, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig, Germany).
From the point of view of comparative psychology an interesting question within this line of research is whether human and nonhuman animals establish the same associative structure when confronting roughly similar situations.
Individual papers address topics such as comparative psychology from Indian, Chinese, and Western perspectives, effects of disabilities on mental health, yoga and the state of the mind, chronic disease in Indian society, and psychological recovery from disaster and trauma.
Tambien organizo y coordino eventos como la XXVIII International Ethological Conference en el ano 2003, y fue miembro del Intenational Council of Ethologists y de la International Society of Comparative Psychology.
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