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in a comparable manner or to a comparable degree

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4 percent, or $102, on a comparably equipped basis.
Quantum has promised to deliver what it calls SuperDLT around the end of 1999 with 100GB native capacity, a comparably higher data transfer rate, and backward read-compatibility with 20GB and 35GB media.
Most recently, the agency reached an agreement with a subsidiary of the Fleet Financial Group, resulting in the payment of $4 million in damages to African Americans and Hispanics who were charged higher prices for home mortgage loans than comparably qualified whites.
Another major trend in most markets is the flight of B and C tenants to comparably priced Class A industrial space," predicts Forbes.
The heroic scale of the Interpolis headquarters required a comparably bold landscape design.
New APV Series appliances provide 50-300% better performance than similarly configured and comparably priced alternatives
The prongless males grew testes that were about 30 percent larger than those of comparably sized, horned males, Simmons and Emlen report.
Los Angeles and Ventura counties, for example, escaped comparably unscathed even though the Simi Valley/Val Verde and Piru fires licked at the edges of urban residential areas, burning 28 homes and charring through 116,000 acres on the border of the largest city west of the Hudson River.
And with on-board transducer-controlled electronics and the ability to transmit results via infrared technology, the 17B can manage precision torque and angle control comparably to cable-equipped DC electric tools.
Additionally, co-op owners pay an effective tax rate several times greater than a comparably assessed home.
On a comparably equipped basis, the overall price increase for ECHO is 0.
And it's comparably priced: A mixing plate for a 3-in.
The question is whether there is a direct need for this degree of functionality at the silicon level in emerging markets, especially given the comparably higher IC costs.
Crozier says that the narrowed beam is hundreds of times as intense as comparably thin beams shone through holes.
In general, you should treat your district-represented people comparably .