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Synonyms for comparable

Synonyms for comparable

possessing the same or almost the same characteristics

Synonyms for comparable

able to be compared or worthy of comparison

conforming in every respect

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66 per diluted share for the comparable period in 2001.
Sales and service revenues for the quarter were $3,010,000, up 83% from $1,647,000 during the comparable 1993 quarter.
In addition, a controversial concept in the 1992 regulations-the comparable profit interval (CPI)--no longer serves as an automatic check on, or "backstop" for, the other pricing methods.
but] compensation of employees according to comparable worth is one of the most sweeping changes ever proposed for the U.
To make sales results for January and fiscal 2006 comparable with those of the prior year, the Company adds the week ended February 4, 2006, to the prior-year results to obtain similar five- and 53-week periods.
It also offers guidance on how to determine comparable yield.
In light of the ongoing impact of the recession, we were generally pleased with both the 7 percent increase in same store sales that we achieved during the fourth quarter and the 11 percent increase in comparable store sales that were recorded in January.
Manhattan condominiums generally command "significantly higher" sales prices than comparable cooperative apartments, according to an analysis by the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY).
6 /PRNewswire/ -- Woolworth Corporation (NYSE: Z) reported that domestic comparable store sales for the five-week period ended October 1, 1994, were flat.
The increase in total sales was due to having an extra week in 2006, partially offset by having 44 fewer stores this year and a decline in comparable store sales of 4.
Generally, this expected yield will approximate the yield on comparable debt instruments of the issuer that call for only noncontingent payments; thus, a "comparable yield" will now be reflected in the accrual of income and expense.
For the thirty-week period ended August 27, 1994, domestic comparable store sales rose 2.
the "Company") (Nasdaq: CBRL) today reported comparable store sales for its Cracker Barrel Old Country Store([R]) ("Cracker Barrel") restaurants and gift shops for the five-week period ending Friday, January 26, 2007.
4824(c)(2)(iii)(A) analyzes comparable intangible property under comparable circumstances.