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an operator who works for a company

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The five members of the Alarm Company Operator DRC are appointed by the Governor of California and include three alarm company operators and two members of the public.
The four company operators operate the more difficult equipment, while the others perform material handling chores.
ParaCRM can aid international business users in working with nearly every human language in the world and switching languages any time without interrupting workflow, The new ParaCRM product aims to provide an online multilingual technical support, customer service and knowledge-building solution for Web-connected global businesses and organizations, In addition to the ability to switch languages, customers can conduct real-rime live chat with company operators in most languages.
With its fully staffed, 24-hour operation, MBS not only assists corporations in meeting their budget objectives, but it also alleviates the need to hire and train personnel to handle peak calling periods or when company operators are on lunch, vacation or out sick.
The tow company operators didn't seem to mind being busy.
Some forest company operators are convinced that environmental groups are playing a dangerous game of brinkmanship with the MNR through bump-up requests.
The agency continues to investigate the cause of the spillage with the company operators and will be considering what further actions are warranted following a final report into the incident,'' a spokesman added.
today caused truck drivers for contract coal company operators to stop delivering raw coal to the facility.
Created as a technology solution to meet an anticipated shortage of telephone company operators, 800 service was never part of a specific marketing strategy.
These include cellular, personal communications systems and land mobile radio networks, as well as broadcast and public telephone company operators.
But several cab company operators complained that the measure is flawed because there is no corresponding crackdown on the hotels.
Our balanced business model - which includes both highly experienced company operators and dedicated franchised partners - offers us the opportunity to continue to widen our already dominant position as the largest fine dining restaurant company in the world.
The new Harmonic ProStream[TM] 1000 with ProCipher[TM] AES scrambling and bulk descrambling technology is a key component of IP-PRIME, which enables large and small telephone company operators and broadband service providers across the U.
The latest release of the software, Customer Interaction Center([R]) (CIC), includes an enhanced Operator Console - a specialized version of the software's built-in desktop soft phone designed to give receptionists, company operators, and contact center dispatchers faster, easier and more effective methods for directing high-volume call flows.
One early success story included Thin Client Computing in Scottsdale, Arizona delivering Virtuozzo in an implementation at one of the largest cable company operators in the U.