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an employee whose first loyalty is to the company rather than to fellow workers

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BEIRUT: German company MAN Diesel & Turbo said it would be supplying 14 engines for the Danish firm Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor, which recently won tenders for new power plants in Zouk and Jiyye.
Its head, the Company Man, visits Port Talbot to announce plans to move out the residents while a passover is built over the town.
For new Liverpool and Leeds-based company Man with a Porpoise, the Come and Have a Go if You Think You're Bard Enough competition will act as a testing ground for its first show.
Commodity stocks dominated the blue chip leader board, but the biggest rise came from financial services company Man Group.
Earlier in 2006, MAN Roland had undergone ownership changes of its own, when German engineering and manufacturing parent company MAN AG sold all but a 35% stake in MAN Roland Druckmaschinen to a group controlled by Allianz Capital Partners.
He was vice president of sales at leading print hardware company MAN Roland and has over 20 years experience working within the print industry.
The only choosing I had was when I became a company man.
As we reported, Ronald Wooten, the new director of West Virginia's Office of Miners' Health Safety and Training, has a reputation as a company man.
But no matter how many ways you approach him, Tracy remains the good company man.
The producers of Clave weekly newspaper and Clave Digital, Media Team Dominicana, have purchased a modern high-speed rotating press capable of printing 75,000 units per hour from German company Man Roland, reports Hoy (July 4, 2006).
This title is from East India Company man George Forster's letter of 1783, in which he expressed gratitude for having safely evaded three threats.
I recall that for a company man, Jim was very interested in the retail side of the business, and when he was promoted to his job as vice president North American sales, that interest never waned.
Although why Nick would hide the body when he was in the right seems stretched for a sensible albeit beleaguered guy, fans will want to find out what happens to this COMPANY MAN under siege from family, friends, cops, and employers.
Equally intriguing is her reading of Brent Wade's Company Man as a revision of Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man.
Milo, a quintessential company man who needs to fill his quota for promotion, is faced with a decision: to keep the yo-yo and assure the boy's death or return it and, maybe, give him another chance at life.