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a stairway or ladder that leads from one deck to another on a ship

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From the engine room companionway came the engineer and stockers, and together we leaped after the balance of the crew and into the hand-to-hand fight that was covering the wet deck with red blood.
Now her doubts turned quickly to fears, and with a little gasp of dismay at the grim possibilities which surged through her imagination she ran quickly to the companionway, but above her she saw that the hatch was down, and when she reached the top that it was fastened.
Once, polishing the brasswork on the hand-rails of the cabin companionway, Daughtry overheard the ancient one explaining his terrible scar and missing fingers to Grimshaw and the Armenian Jew.
Also, standing in the companionway, head and shoulders out and glass in hand, I could fling the wine overboard.
It was still early in the evening--two bells had just gone--when Duncan and his wife stood by the cabin companionway, gazing to windward and canvassing the possibility of spreading their beds on deck.
As he was about to emerge from the companionway, the ship's clock in the cabin began to strike and he stopped to listen.
The left propeller vanished, there was a huge hole in our side and companionway, and the cockpit was a shambles of broken glass.
The full-beam master suite is accessed via a private companionway located forward on the main deck, and includes a 52-inch flat-screen TV with entertainment center, king-size bed, and his and hers private baths with a large adjoining steam shower.
Motorman Leonard Able descended the narrow little companionway to his engines - it was his first trip and one of the purposes of the practice was to let him get the feel of the boat.
The smoking room is one deck below on the upper deck, off the first class entrance lobby and easily reached from the main saloon on the deck below using the companionway linking it to entrance lobby.
For example, if the hook is on the winch cable and the knob is turned counterclockwise, the hydraulic power will pull the hook into and through the companionway floor like scissors cutting paper
As the Lakeman's bare head was just level with the planks, the Captain and his posse leaped the barricade, and rapidly drawing over the slide of the scuttle, planted their group of hands upon it, and loudly called for the steward to bring the heavy brass padlock belonging to the companionway.
A thin unpleasant drizzle had begun to fall and the deck as they came up the companionway was slippery and dangerous.
The opening storm, usually seized on as a big production number with crashing masts and sails and sound effects drowning out the dialogue, is glimpsed through a large porthole, the characters squeezed together in a small companionway below decks.