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Synonyms for companionless

lacking the company of others

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And, although his memory banks recalled only the companionless days, he still now wished to be young again.
Midst others of less note, came one frail Form, A phantom among men; companionless As the last cloud of an expiring storm Whose thunder is its knell .
They desert their family for the sake of self-realization but remain as rootless and companionless wanderers as before.
Gabita, like Alina, is a figure rankled by the unforgiving shove of Mungiu's wide-screen space-time continuum; both are exemplary observers--watchful, curious, companionless at a table of talkers (the single-shot dining room discussion toward the end of 4 Months, for example, or Alina as the unspeaking visual appendage to a crowded monastery dinner table.
For this reader there was fascination in the initial exploration of the contents in that mode recommended by Sebald, derived from observing his dog's habit of discovery, the companionless dog Michael Hamburger observes in his poem.
The moon might not have always been a companionless, lonely crescent, they suggested in the Aug.
Where Jehane is surrounded by new and lively faces, footsteps, and voices, the lack of a response to her song and her lover's silence draws in the bleak imagery of place in "Mariana" to emphasize the emptiness of her own companionless landscape.
My curiosity about these companionless specimens was piqued several years ago.