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This split was chosen based on theory and research that suggests that the shift from passionate to companionate love may occur between six months and two and a half years into the relationship (Fiatfield & Walster, 1978).
Recently, as new evangelical churches have gained influence, the changes have taken on new characteristics, with companionate marriage becoming 'an important marker of Christian modern personhood' (Wardlow 2006a:73).
The companionate family essentially rearticulates the institution as an accommodating social space, more a network of affiliation than a monolith under one controlling power.
The so-called "unitive principle" of marriage that appears in contemporary Catholic teaching--what Gaudium et Spes calls the "mutual help and service to each other through an intimate union of their persons and of their actions"--reflects the broader societal shift toward the companionate model of marriage.
Her conclusions seem banal: Milton and Johnson both believe in companionate marriage and they encourage curiosity within limits.
Bradford Wilcox's Soft Patriarchy, that marriages "centered around more intensive family ends" and religious faith are "at least as satisfying, and probably more satisfying than companionate marriage.
Further, the widow's unmoored status threatened the ideology that undergirded Protestant companionate marriage.
Here at the end of his book, Mann also clarifies his contention that companionate marriage and the belief that wedded life was not a diminution of a woman but rather an enlargement on her previous status as unmarried daughter together overturn critical arguments about a lack of female power in marriage.
The emergence of gendered privacy and companionate domesticity--what we have come to call "heteronormativity"--required the consolidation of a position of autonomy from the courtly and pederastic, the effeminate and the sodomitical (a position that could nonetheless recuperate elements of the effeminacy and display it had disavowed) and accordingly depended on the relocation both in discursive and in concrete and specifically urban social spaces of a wide array of residual and resistant practices and their resignification as properties of "mollies.
The majority, unable to reconcile the rigid encyclical with their need for an updated sexual ethic based less on the biological function of reproduction and more on the evolving nature of companionate sexual relationships, embraced individual conscience in matters of contraception and, increasingly, in other issues.
Sprecher S and Regan P, Passionate and companionate love in courting and young married couples, Sociological Inquiry, 1998, 68(2):163-185.
Winner of this year's Duke's Choice Award from Sun Microsystems, JasperReports and its companionate suite of open source BI products will be showcased at the JasperSoft booth, #1336, in the Java Playground at the JavaOne Pavilion.
of Mississippi) analyze the forenamed classic in their analysis and include Aurora Floyd, John Marchmont's Legacy, The Doctor's Wife, and The Lady's Mile to show how Braddon agitated for more liberal marriage laws and companionate marriage that would benefit both men and women.
Yes, you have taught the youth of our generation to write political poetry That does not really offend the FBI And yet is unsquare, mystical Firmly in favor Of God, physical exercise, and companionate marriage.
The early-twentieth-century culture of juvenile consumption, she argues, was the result of the merging of market strategies and new family ideologies that privileged companionate relations between parents and children, crystallized in the notion of "play.