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Synonyms for companionable

Synonyms for companionable

liking company

spent, marked by, or enjoyed in the company of others

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suggestive of companionship

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The final word will always be the beginning, where he sits companionably in a garden and tells his already concluded adventures to a newfound friend.
A room in a village or town in which a row of people sit companionably reading their Kindles?
One time I was sitting on a high hill in Australia, This was a year when my marriage was teetering, And a priest strolled out of the nearby monastery And sat down companionably on the cedar bench And didn't say anything, for which I was grateful Beyond words.
She loved to cook and invited Her friends for a meal, Which they then would share companionably.
I wasn't captivated as I was by Eliot, but pulled gently yet companionably into Housman's Shropshire, a county that was very much like one of the precincts of my head at the time.
As I follow him, the man on the gate mutters something about my shoes and grins companionably as the mud comes up to my ankles.
Morrison argues that in Euro-American texts the Africanist is often a "thoroughly serviceable, companionably ego-reinforcing" (Playing 8) presence to whiteness.
They crashed into the water, gained balance immediately, and were soon companionably skimming its surface.
As we munch companionably on our lunches, it occurs to me you're never really alone in the jungle.
They live together companionably for a while, but Elizabeth-Jane secretly renews her romantic relations with Farfrae, and then her biological father, Newson, reappears.
The tables are far enough apart for privacy but still companionably placed.
The best part of this all-too-restrained history, the last two pages, is where Yagoda drops his historian's mask and companionably shares his thoughts.
He was old-fashioned enough to register the fact that he was walking with an attractive woman not his wife, a woman who kept touching his arm and smiling at him companionably, and hoped they wouldn't encounter anyone who knew them.
She Who Must Be Obeyed stopped and joined me, and we companionably considered the small sailboat that had been left by the previous homeowner.