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Synonyms for companionableness

suitability to be a companion

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Companionableness and altruism, deeply interwoven as they are, would seem to be equivalent in their thoroughgoing lack of application for the solipsist:
Companionableness, it may be said, is a prudential value that carries altruism in its wake.
This bridging of the moral and prudential spheres is precisely the feature of companionableness whereby its invocation will be helpful to us.
A is then the best, indeed, if companionableness is a strongly held value, it is by far the best of the four outcomes.
With respect to their satisfactoriness in other respects, it is B that wins out, once the picture has been completed by the introduction of companionableness to the characterization of her values.
Our companionableness and altruism are, as already noted, scarcely unrelated; and both are, in complex ways, rooted in our particular histories.
The self must encounter its self as "other" first before recognizing the essential companionableness of that "strange figure.