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Synonyms for companionable

Synonyms for companionable

liking company

spent, marked by, or enjoyed in the company of others

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suggestive of companionship

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In Christ's companionable spirituality the dividing wall is torn down so that all can be called and included in the transformed life instituted by the Pentecostal gift of Christ's Spirit to the world.
The characters are companionable yet fictitious enough not to scare us.
Worn, companionable in its roundness and size, has borne its
Lerczak's book displays an understated, companionable style as he introduces habits and habitats in a way that will appeal to novices as well as those more expert.
Written in a companionable prose style, mostly from Ardennes's point of view, Hollywood Boulevard begins as a troubled artist's meditations on craft, relationships, and the toll taken on the individual by the grind of the Hollywood machine.
And the festival, whether with tips or downs--and under canny, companionable, still-not-quite-Canadian Artistic Director David Agler, just as under his predecessors, it's had its share of both--never fails to provide the most congenial of atmospheres for operatic discovery.
The ghost in Philip Reeve's 'The Ghost Wood' is a ghost dog, but unlike the savage hound of Mal Peet's 'Good Boy' it is a companionable, even loving presence.
If you grow up with people in the arts, it's a very heady companionable society that one lives in, in the artistic world, and it is hard to get away from it.
He said: "I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude.
Sometimes you have to speak out and say 'this is really driving me crazy,' but we're really quite tolerant and companionable.
From the personal blog posts that mingle with his reflections on movies have emerged Life Itself, a discursive, companionable memoir that foremost confirms what fans have long known: Ebert is a natural born writer.
Often his images have a double meaning that takes a few moments to sink in; a scene in which Michael and Wolfgang tidy his quarters and assemble a bunk bed seems almost companionable, but when followed by the sequence at the racetrack, Michael's intentions become subtly but chillingly clear.
like a parade of migratory birds-- a learned, companionable rhythm
With these two equine escorts hugging your side for ear scratches--"They're like companionable dogs," John says--the Hiestands give free tours of their corral complex where the donkeys are bedded down every night and given breakfast, plus medications, in the morning.
Chilly, crisp, companionable dark slowly turns to dawn as the horses breeze, this way and that, the Breeders' Cup contenders with their names in bright letters on purple saddlecloths.