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Synonyms for companionable

Synonyms for companionable

liking company

spent, marked by, or enjoyed in the company of others

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suggestive of companionship

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They are companionable, strong, stoic, dependable - all of the traits you need in a good travel buddy.
Even when reducing things to two interconnected parts, their relationship seems more companionable, less stark or improbable.
With the ageing population growing at an unprecedented rate, sheltered housing providers must develop cost-effective, holistic services to create more specialist, modern and companionable housing options.
Saturday LOCAL indie heroes The Twang take it in turns to headline with Liverpool Britpop survivors Cast in a companionable tour of 02 venues.
Anyone who has a pet dog knows that dogs are endearing companionable creatures, each an individual with a distinctive personality and particular habits.
She is happiest when she has something to do or has someone to love and shows this by being companionable and loving.
We are highly companionable creatures but we often tend to close the door and nestle down in winter.
They grazed in companionable silence, friends only by proximity.
Lerczak's book displays an understated, companionable style as he introduces habits and habitats in a way that will appeal to novices as well as those more expert.
And the festival, whether with tips or downs--and under canny, companionable, still-not-quite-Canadian Artistic Director David Agler, just as under his predecessors, it's had its share of both--never fails to provide the most congenial of atmospheres for operatic discovery.
Over there, above the trees between bed and window, an action-at-a-distance sparkle-of-being, fathomlessly far yet incredibly tranquil and companionable.
If you grow up with people in the arts, it's a very heady companionable society that one lives in, in the artistic world, and it is hard to get away from it.
He is companionable and enjoys sitting on someone's lap watching TV.
He said: "I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude.
Sometimes you have to speak out and say 'this is really driving me crazy,' but we're really quite tolerant and companionable.