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Synonyms for companion

Synonyms for companion

one who shares interests or activities with another

one that accompanies another

one of a matched pair of things

to be with or go with (another)

Synonyms for companion

a friend who is frequently in the company of another

a traveler who accompanies you

one paid to accompany or assist or live with another

be a companion to somebody

References in classic literature ?
Pierre remembered that the princess always had lady companions, but who they were and what they were like he never knew or remembered.
He bolted out of the companion straight into his captain who took the flare from him and held it high above his head.
Sure, Mike," responded his companion in tones of conviction.
The youth and his female companion had made several hurried, and vacillating conjectures concerning their nature, when a current of the night air brought the rush of trampling footsteps, too sensibly, to their ears, to render mistake any longer possible.
I discover my traveling companion at the further end of the room, evidently occupied in questioning the guide.
Doubtless," returned the gentleman, gravely, and for the first time withdrawing his gaze from the countenance of Charlotte; but the precaution was unnecessary:--the young lady had been too much engrossed with her own sensations to notice the conduct of others, and from the moment that the carriage had driven out of right, had kept her eyes on the ground, as she walked silently and unobtrusively by the side of her companion.
To all this my companion assented, and we at once set about carrying the plan into execution.
A beaten path, such as those made by the periodical passage of the deer, wound through a little glen at no great distance, and struck the river at the point where the white man and his red companions had posted themselves.
Now the dogs of war being let loose, began to lick their bloody lips; now Victory, with golden wings, hung hovering in the air; now Fortune, taking her scales from her shelf, began to weigh the fates of Tom Jones, his female companion, and Partridge, against the landlord, his wife, and maid; all which hung in exact balance before her; when a good-natured accident put suddenly an end to the bloody fray, with which half of the combatants had already sufficiently feasted.
The companion of the church dignitary was a man past forty, thin, strong, tall, and muscular; an athletic figure, which long fatigue and constant exercise seemed to have left none of the softer part of the human form, having reduced the whole to brawn, bones, and sinews, which had sustained a thousand toils, and were ready to dare a thousand more.
Only, struck by that superstitious terror which every dark and subterraneous way naturally impresses upon the mind of man, he stopped at the outside of the grotto, and waited till his companions should have assembled round him.
His companion had only time to nod a brief assent to this position, for the child awoke at the instant.
These," he made answer, "are worthy companions of yourself, fit at least to be ambassadors and leaders of armies.
A fair young girl, very simply dressed, sat at some distance from her companions, working bravely and seeming to be in dread of some mishap.
Nicholl, once introduced with his companions inside the projectile, began to close the opening by means of a strong plate, held in position by powerful screws.
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