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an increase in the density of something

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A survey of the literature showed that powder compaction using the two-step process of powder metallurgy had limited success with polymers [4-6], Crawford et al.
It is concluded that the measurements of root roundness (R) and flattening (F) are consistent with microscopic observations and can be used to quantify root deformation under soil compaction.
Increasing investment in infrastructure development and new road development and maintenance is fuelling demand for compaction machines globally.
Dynamic compaction is a process whereby a crane drops a weight to compact the ground below.
Excessive soil compaction could be, hence, avoided by limiting the stresses imposed by agricultural tractor and machines to below [[sigma].
1: The study evaluated the soil compaction effects of commercial thinning (top) and mastication (bottom).
Thirteen States participated in the study, Accelerated Implementation of Intelligent Compaction Technology for Embankment Subgrade Soils, Aggregate Base, and Asphalt Pavement Materials.
The compaction process including intermediate and modified proctor energies, promoted a partial crushing and breakage of RCDW.
The programme includes a practical demonstration and discussion relating to the assessment of soil profiles for compaction damage, and a consideration of the causes and implications of compaction in relation to climate change resilience and diffuse pollution management.
The swell pressure decreases with increases in moisture content and increases with increase in compaction density.
The aim of the research is to investigate the changes in bitumen consistency after modification with WMA additives, to determine the physical-mechanical properties of asphalt after reduction of compaction temperature and to compare the characteristics of WMA with those of conventional HMA.
Alexanderwerk is an international supplier of roller compaction, granulation and size reduction equipment for the Pharmaceutical, Food and Chemical industries.
In this paper, I have researched and developed solutions for optimizing the stream compaction algorithmic function using the Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA).
Quality control of soil compaction using ASTM standards.
Supply of (a) one compaction truck (32 yards), (b) other 5 compaction trucks (22 yards), (c) other 2 compaction trucks (8 yard) & (d) 2 containers' lifting trucks.