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a digital tape recording of sound

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The report shows that unit shipments of compact tape drives decreased by 16% in 2002.
There's a lot of jostling in the compact tape manufacturer community right now, with the number of manufacturers standing at 15, down from a high of 46 in 1990.
Smaller, more compact tape library systems with more options for expandability will be extremely popular in the future," said Shiffman.
BOB: In 1984, DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) was anticipating that IBM was going to release a half-inch cartridge product, wanted to pre-empt IBM, and announced Compact Tape.
The super drive segment comprised 6% of compact tape shipments and 28% of revenue in 2001, and will comprise 60% of unit shipments and 80% of revenue by 2007.
15 compact tape library to the channel, establishing a new level of price performance and ease of backup for IT managers.
Entry-Level Price; New Compact Tape Library From Industry's #1 Open
M2 demonstrates the potential of tape technology allowing us to offer our customers an extremely fast tape drive with highly compact tape libraries.
A new study released by Freeman Reports cautiously projects a slow but steady recovery from two consecutive years of decline for the compact tape industry.
16 /PRNewswire/ -- Exabyte Corporation (Nasdaq: EXBT), a performance leader in network storage, announced today at COMDEX, the launch of its Mammoth-2 (M2) tape drive, the highest performance compact tape drive in the midrange market.
A new study published by Freeman Reports projects major shifts in the compact tape market as network storage requirements begin to drive this historically unglamorous industry.
The 4mm and 8mm tape drives utilize compact tape cassettes with significant storage capacity of up to 1.
A soon to be released study by Freeman Reports shows that unit shipments of compact tape drives increased 4% in 1999 as the decline in shipments into the desktop environment was more that offset by the increase in shipments into small and medium networks.