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a digitally encoded recording on an optical disk that is smaller than a phonograph record

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The compact disk was developed with the assistance of contractor Gannett Fleming, of Camp Hill, Pa.
With the Lift aluminium storage system which is manufactured in Vienna, Austria, cassettes, compact disks and video tapes are displayed full-front in locked storage cabinets.
The patent, currently being reexamined by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, covers certain systems for recording and playing compact disks containing compressed audio data utilizing certain data-compression methods.
The plans and specifications are available on Compact Disk (CD-ROM) and will be provided free of charge.
NASDAQ:ELNT), a leader in high-performance analog ICs, today introduced a new laser diode driver, the EL6250C, developed specifically for the violet/blue laser diode, a breakthrough in laser technology expected to provide a dramatic increase in data storage capability in compact disk and CD-ROM devices, and such rewritable technologies as HDTV-capable DVD and the emerging DVR formats.
for Macintosh, Norton SystemWorks for Macintosh, and Norton Internet Security for Macintosh support Apple's new Mac OS X platform through bootable compact disk and Mac OS 9.
This updated version provides many enhancements to the already successful product and is now available on Compact Disk (CD).
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