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a digitally encoded recording on an optical disk that is smaller than a phonograph record

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Bennett goes on to add "Companies that use compact discs to promote their business should be environmentally responsible and promote disc recycling awareness, showing dedication in helping the environment.
Compact discs hold 650-700 megabytes of data, movies or music, which puts them on the low end of the capacity-scale when compared with magnetic tape, hard drive, and other data storage options.
NEW YORK - TDK has reduced its price on consumer recordable compact discs 20 percent in hopes of building a new consumer recording market.
As I strolled up and down the aisles of the music emporium, it occurred to me that the compact discs I'd been studying might merely be a bad batch of pirated CDs imported from China through one unethical distributor, but that other store in Manhattan might have the real thing.
Resembling giant sequins, the compact discs are strung with clear lights along the front white wrought-iron fence and along a side fence at their residence in the 2500 block of West Avenue N, where the Warings moved seven years ago from Marina del Rey.
An optional CD-ROM Drive supporting compact disc-digital audio (CD-DA) extraction and an optional sound card supporting 44 kHz 16 bit stereo are also useful for creating audio compact discs.
That's because the three companies that own the rights to Sinatra's music - Sony, Reprise and Capitol - have assiduously updated the artist's catalog for the compact disc era.
Jewel Case Insert Editor--allows users to customize the compact disc insert.
The DVD-Audio format is poised to become the next dominant packaged music format and the future successor to compact disc.
The DVD is as big a deal to video as the compact disc was to audio,'' Carl Yankowski, president and chief operating officer of Sony Electronics, said in an interview.
An enhanced compact disc can be played not only on an audio CD player, but also in a CD-ROM player attached to a computer.
Hoping to attract attention to their music, Russell and his bandmates scraped together money to rent a recording studio and contract with a company to manufacture 1,000 copies of the album on compact disc.
DVD-Audio is recognized as the natural successor to compact disc, delivering an audio experience that is bit-for-bit identical to the studio master tapes.
Unlike other systems in which the soundtrack is placed directly on the film, DTS records the soundtrack on a separate compact disc which is played on a machine and synchronized with the movie through a series of time codes on the edge of the film.
Initial orders from Tuttle Shokai have been for all spoken word products including compact disc releases featuring: John F.