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work done in addition to regular working hours

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This isn't the first time Republicans have introduced a private sector comp time bill.
We have improved accountability and compliance; previously, we did not have a central system for tracking comp time.
Two weeks later, in February 2003, Erdman was informed that she could no longer use comp time This was the first time she was told not to work comp time.
Orr's husband, Stephen, also an APD officer, used two weeks' comp time as FMLA leave.
under section 401), bona fide vacation leave, sick leave, comp time, disability pay, death benefit plans, medical reimbursement arrangements, transfers of restricted stock and other property, most types of stock options, and certain stock appreciation rights (SARs) of public companies.
Hardly: 64% of you report that you're not given comp time, unless you count "the kick in the behind" one respondent reported receiving as compensation.
Davis changed the definition of overtime from weekly hours (more than 40) to daily hours (more than eight), which has effectively destroyed flexible work schedules, comp time, and four-day workweeks.
1119, a bill that would allow employers to give their hourly employees comp time off in lieu of overtime pay.
Exempt employees should not receive comp time since they are not eligible for overtime pay.
He was a few months from retirement, and with the comp time and sick days he had accrued, he could easily leave the airways right now, he told us, but there was nowhere he would rather be.
Thus, if employers and employees are allowed to agree that a worker will get comp time instead of overtime pay, then employers will force this on workers.
No one worked a minute more without taking comp time later, and productivity mirrored morale.
The provision of compensatory or comp time rather than overtime pay is very common among associations, and indeed may be preferred by many employees.