commuter traffic

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traffic created by people going to or returning from work

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Beautuflly built out Starbucks-like coffee shop located in Publix anchored plaza in affluent area with heavy year-round commuter traffic.
In the second storm, the problems were not nearly as prevalent because commuter traffic was not involved.
Other successful retail markets in the state include the Route 23 corridor from Wayne to Butler because of its proximity to 1-287 and the growing housing market; the Route 3 corridor in Clifton because of its seven-day-a-week commuter traffic which heavily draws the Bergen County customer who can't shop on Sundays due to the blue laws, and the Monmouth and Ocean County markets because of their growing population, region-wide lower housing costs and convenient highway accessibility.
Intel's commute reduction program includes carpool parking spots, support for alternate start times to spread out commuter traffic and support for telecommuting.
NEWHALL -- A brush fire broke out Friday afternoon along Interstate 5, backing up commuter traffic and threatening a mobile home park.
Many people make the most of the weekend during the summer holidays and with holidaymakers mixing with commuter traffic, delays are more frequent and longer.
Almost all the data available are geared toward commuter traffic.
The most congested routes carry a massive amount of commuter traffic.
Due to light Easterly winds and a promise of mild weather on the Friday, many may take the opportunity to go way for the week and the mix of commuter traffic with leisure travellers may increase delay time on the motorways and main trunk roads.
Alex Croft, buying director for retailer GAME who conducted the poll, said: "After a day stuck in commuter traffic jams motorists are desperately searching for enjoyment elsewhere.
We have scheduled the necessary closures to be in operation at the weekend when there is less commuter traffic.
The heavy delays will be due to an expected influx of sightseers mixed with Friday night commuter traffic and holidaymakers heading off for the Autumn half term holiday.
Vancouver's sky train (p56) looks as if it will begin to reduce road commuter traffic, and help to integrate the whole metropolis.
Once you've mastered the M1, you've still got all the London commuter traffic and the M25 to contend with.
The first was an expressway (The Eisenhower) which would reroute commuter traffic out of the congested areas.