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(of a binary operation) independent of order

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The common family of Hopf algebras for which R(H) is a commutative algebra consists of quasitriangular Hopf algebras introduced by Drinfel'd [9] in the context of quantum groups.
They rely on a construction based on commutative encryption.
To support children to understand the commutative property, teachers could use a simple task like 'Building Arrays'.
However, Niewdana seems not to be aware that a fiat currency itself violates commutative justice.
Vassilev Progress in Commutative Algebra 1 Walter de Gruyter(2012).
If (S, [cross product], 1) is a commutative monoid then S is called a commutative semiring.
the word coincides with what Aristotle and the Schoolmen call commutative justice.
Opposite to the aleatory contracts, there are the commutative contracts, wherein at the conclusion moment the existence of rights and liabilities is certain, and the extend of it is determined or determinable.
This is the left regular band analogue of free partially commutative monoids (also called trace monoids or graph monoids [18, 14]) and of free partially commutative groups (also called right-angled Artin groups or graph groups [31]).
We have been teaching a mathematics course in Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry at Simon Fraser University since 2006.
Whereas all of the other virtues relate to propriety benchmarks, engendering a negative range of blame and a positive range of praise, justice--or, more specifically, commutative justice--is not a matter of propriety, but a matter of grammar.
There are also classes of posemigroups for which the greatest commutative images are always isomorphic, generalizing the result (e.
The complexity for equivalence for commutative rings.
The commutative activities of this occasion started in Kuwait on June 7.