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reverse the direction of (an alternating electric current) each half cycle so as to produce a unidirectional current

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Electronically commutated motors are typically more efficient than current premium efficiency motors and consume less power than variable-frequency drive AC motors.
The new Jade models, 1410 and 1420 series, are equipped with an electronically commutated brushless dc motor.
5 to 1 hp electronically commutated motor alone is $437.
The versatility of the electronically commutated drive roller with its compact integral 24 VDC motor, electronics and gears, makes the planning, construction and operation of systems much simpler.
B: Equipped with a brushless X-13-style DC electronically commutated motor (ECM), the MX modular blower delivers system efficiency gains in a compact size that helps to ensure ease of installation.
There are two types of servo motors commonly used for positioning applications; the DC servo motor, which uses mechanical brushes to commutate the motor, and the brushless DC motor, aka the BLDC motor, aka the PM (permanent magnet) brushless motor, which is commutated electronically by external circuitry.
Other features include: dehumidification mode to help manage moisture control in the building, dual air filtration to eliminate particulates, and high efficiency forward curved electrically commutated fans to optimize air flow.
He added that four other wanted persons turned themselves to security authorities in response to the amnesty issued by the Ministry of Interior and to have their penalties be commutated.
The two mechanically commutated DC motors, with output powers of 200 and 250 watts, are protected on the commutation side with sealed aluminum housing, the Fall River, Mass.
Bell & Gossett has introduced a revolutionary new line of energy-efficient potable water recirculator pumps that feature ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor) technology and patented spherical motor design.
The permanent magnet, electronically commutated 8JS three-phase synchronous motors are designed for applications requiring good dynamics and positioning precision.
Other types of artificially commutated converters have also been discussed in literature [6].
High-efficiency fan motors have been added to the cases and, where applicable, electronically commutated motors that demand 53% less energy have been included.
Maxon's new "EC" series of brushless motors are electronically commutated enabling extremely long motor life.
In the AIP architecture, the commutated signal from the antenna passes through the receiver front-end and is converted to an IF frequency.