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Synonyms for commutability

exchangeability by virtue of being replaceable

the quality of being commutable

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Two decades of development in the commutability of enzyme quality control materials.
The ease of commutability to Boston from Westwood and the surrounding towns is desirable to many individuals who seek a suburban living experience with convenient city access.
John Eckfeldt: I believe that failure to test commutability of reference materials is one of the main reasons for the lack of harmonization of clinical laboratory test results that have well-established reference systems.
In both texts, too, the whirling leaves connote a setting of commutability and joy, and figure reanimation.
One in six - 17% - cited commutability as a key factor in choosing a location.
The train station nearby offers excellent commutability to London and the apartments are just a short stroll from a thriving town centre with a fabulous cultural and social scene.
The properly that the new paradigm is based upon is the commutability of the differential operators involved in the ciphering and deciphering processes.
That is why any noun can be made into a verb, and any verb can be nominalized: this commutability is an expression of what logical analysis reveals to be their common character as represigns.
The mix of green space, bustling restaurants and hotels, commutability and success of other businesses here, including some of Boston's top creative agencies, makes this part of town an energizing backdrop for our future growth.
Commutability means that PT specimens behave like patient samples when tested on different systems.
Researchers concluded that, though transport improvements have been delivered to Birmingham those developments have been regionally focused while city-based projects to improve commutability had not been delivered.
A burgeoning population, reasonable rental rates and the commutability to major markets in New York City and Philadelphia have made Somerset, Morris, Warren and Hunterdon Counties a popular business environment for private owners, minimal space users, special project users and remote corporate locations.