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Synonyms for communize

make Communist or bring in accord with Communist principles

make into property owned by the state


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The same year that Moore was warning against the communizing effect of high birth rates, one of the clinical researchers who developed the Pill, John Rock, declared, "The greatest menace to world peace and decent standards of life today is not atomic energy but sexual energy.
The entire Soviet colonial empire was aimed at communizing the world, at making it into a communist state in the future.
Federal monies would flow through the network in exchange for participation in communizing resources and ensuring the other incentives (e.
Truman, too, liked to act decisively in a time of crisis as when, from 1946 to 1949, he put in place the Truman Doctrine, the Marshall Plan, and NATO, the building blocks of the containment policy that prevented the Soviet Union from communizing the world.
Karl Witfogel, George Taylor, Kenneth Colegrove, and other conservative academics accused Lattimore of being a Red mouthpiece, a proponent of communizing Japan (because of his brief service in 1946 on a mission that recommended economic reforms), and even of provoking the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.