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Synonyms for communize

make Communist or bring in accord with Communist principles

make into property owned by the state


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85) Amy Porter, "God's Partner," Collier 's, December 25, 1943, 75; "Georgia Plant Targeted by Ambitious CIO Organizers: CIO Out to Communize LeTourneau Company," Joyful News (May-June 1943), 4.
So it is sensible to communize, as much as possible, trying to get QEMs to accept the same solutions to achieve cost savings all round.
Stoler also informs readers that in the early months of 1942 the Intelligence Division of the Army General Staff warned that a "victorious Russia would be 'certain' to dominate and 'very likely' to communize its neighbors in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East.
On the other hand, native Taiwanese hold the consensus that the CPC should not be allowed to take away, if not communize, the wealth of Taiwan.
Kim's Sunshine Policy is aimed at ending the Cold-War regime on the peninsula and helping North Korea turn to a policy of openness and change that will eventually lead to its giving up of the strategy to communize the South by force.
I was, I suppose, on the alert for such images because I had been following the Church's attempts to Christianize, or, more exactly, Catholicize, Auschwitz (which followed similar attempts to Communize and nationalize the camp in earlier decades).
Edgar Hoover, key Republicans, and several retired diplomats with a grudge remained convinced that Lattimore, because of his friendship with Service and Jaffe, must be a part of a Soviet spy network working to communize China.
Filipino democracy should have been a shining new hope for Asia, but it wasn't, because a group in Central Luzon calling itself the "People's Anti-Japanese Army," or the "Huks," were ready to communize the former colony.
Yet, during the last half of the twentieth century the defense mandate assumed disproportionate importance because of the perceived threat from the Soviet Union and its effort to communize the world.
In the 1930s, Japan, then militarily powerful, was the main barrier to Soviet ambitions to communize Asia.
So we're also working with SAE to try and communize, within the industry, this technology to one name to make it simpler for customers.
Run out of Russia by his former partner in monstrous crime, Trotsky ended up in Mexico, never renounced his desire to communize or socialize the world, and went to his Maker when one of Stalin's henchmen plunged an axe into his skull in 1940.
Castro's "guerrilla international," in many ways the successor of the Soviets' l9l9 Comintern, formed by Lenin to communize the world, was no small thing.
Marco Aurelio Garcia, who founded the SPF with Lula and still serves as Lula's top adviser, is a hard line Marxist-Leninist, who participated in Salvador Allende's Cuban-directed attempt to communize Chile.
Eating less meat and supporting pastoralist communizes at every level is essential to combat the destructive trend of factory farms.
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