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Synonyms for communization

a change from private property to public property owned by the community

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the organization of a nation of the basis of communism

changing something from private to state ownership or control

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In the substituted narrative, the collective trauma of de-nationalization and Sovietization prevails over any attempt to drive attention to the suffering of Jews and Roma during the Holocaust, the more so as Jews continue to be perceived as instruments of communization.
For contemporary ultra-left theorists of communization such as Gilles Dauve and the group Endnotes, the aim is to avoid imagining the story of how communism might come about in the way many conventionally have done: first capital ism must be overthrown and then communism can be put in place.
An armistice will permit the communization of South Korea from within; however, the recently revealed Soviet policy clearly shows the Soviet desire to provoke the Chinese into making rash decisions to widen the war in Asia.
It is indisputable that many leading Japanese political figures were gravely concerned about Japan's rapidly deteriorating political and economic situation as the war was waning and that the communization of Japan was coming to seem less incredible.
For example, in 1958, Milton Friedman argued that "despite the intentions of foreign economic aid, its major effect, insofar as it has an effect at all, will be to speed the Communization of the underdeveloped world.
By means of the phrase 'the communization of state', Cinar indicates that for the secular elite, the criteria for legality is to be "devout believers of Kemalism" (114) and for the AKP, it is the Friday prayer and having a wife with headscarves, possessions and practices which yield "important merit in recruiting personnel for the bureaucracy" (126).
Indeed, Moyar's book is the Vietnam War book for those who still believe that the United States had vital interests in South Vietnam's survival; that US abandonment of South Vietnam in 1965 would have triggered the communization of the rest of Southeast Asia; that Vietnamese nationalism was a minor force on the Communist side of the war and had little to do with the war's outcome; that Ho Chi Minh was simply a stalking horse for Chinese imperialism; that South Vietnamese president Ngo Dinh Diem was a wise and effective leader who had the Communists on the run until the United States stupidly incited a coup against him; and that journalists David Halberstam and Neil Sheehan were unwitting accomplices of Hanoi.
The principal Laotian leader is President General Khantay Siphandane, a successor to Kaysone who was the core operative in the takeover and disastrous communization of Laos beginning with the fall of Vientiane in August 1975 and subsequent liquidation of the historic Laotian monarchy.
Green, in treating Blunts Communization, employs standard cliches about "the Britain of the depression" and "the disaster of the Spanish civil war," by which Blunt is said to have been "moved from an immediate emotional response of horror and outrage" to "the reassuring clarity of rational analysis.
84) Although Weaver never argued that such segregation should be race-based, he opposed integration in the United States, writing a 1957 essay entitled "Integration is Communization.
Its program design aimed at utilitarian learning of skills that could be directly applicable to productivity, while its political education components unashamedly involved indoctrination and motivation to produce missionaries for Mao's wholesale, rapid Communization and the construction of a revolutionary Chinese society.
In her 2003 review of his volume in the European Journal of Communization, Gillian Youngs refers to exactly this feeling of dwelling in the past when she observes that the Internet is "so absent" from the book-with the exception of scattered references around the volume.
King will present a full-day Leadership Training Institute seminar entitled, Effective Communization and the Conflict Resolution Process, on Tuesday, December 3, 2002 during NLC's Congress of Cities Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, from December 3-7, 2002.
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