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Nat asked an important question about the future of community psychiatry, but set the stage for it by giving a brief history of his long career in the field.
Mothers will be referred by their GP, health visitor or midwife, and will then meet with a community psychiatry nurse, who will carry out an initial assessment.
Berkman CS and Zinberg G, Homophobia and heterosexism in social workers, Social Work, 1997, 42(2):319-332; Douglas CJ, Kalman CM and Kalman TP, Homophobia among physicians and nurses: an empirical study, Hospital and Community Psychiatry, 1985, 36(12): 1309-1311; and Klamen DL, Grossman LS and Kopacz DR, Medical student homophobia, Journal of Homosexuality, 1999, 37(1):53-63.
In response to this recommendation, Schwartz and colleagues (1981) conducted a study of psychiatrists in the San Francisco Bay area to help design a new community psychiatry residency program, which would focus on encouraging residents to make a commitment to work with clients with chronic mental illness.
CHRISTENSEN, associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Florida College of Medicine, is director of the university's Community Psychiatry Program, Jacksonville, Fla.
Dr Peter Tyler, professor of community psychiatry at Imperial College, London, said: "Prescriptions of anti- depressants have gone up 10 per cent every year.
Swenson, director of outpatient and community psychiatry at Royal Ottawa Hospital, said "government, in the last two years, has put more money into the psychiatric emergency services at the Ottawa Hospital, in terms of 24-hour nursing availability, social work availability.
Originally from Nigeria, he plans to practice community psychiatry when he finishes his residency training.
Liz Silverston gave up her job in community psychiatry in 1993, when she moved from the capital to the Midlands and opened Hibiscus, in Leamington's Regent Street.
But he understood the professor's concerns that community psychiatry might be down-graded by a new emphasis on laboratory research.
In the post-World War II years, the institution developed an extensive mental health component, alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs, building on the growing interest in community psychiatry.
Research in community psychiatry around the same time demonstrated that the therapeutic milieu, including the behavior and attitudes of staff, has a profound impact on patients and staff.
The Impact of Cost Containment on Alcohol and Drug Treatmnet," Hospital and Community Psychiatry 38:5 (May 1987), 506-10.
Psychotherapy and community psychiatry each merit their own chapter on training.
Lentegeur Psychiatric Hospitals; Division of Public Mental Health and Community Psychiatry, Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health, University of Cape Town, South Africa
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