community of interests

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agreement as to goals


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The tragic circumstance which strengthened and consecrated their natural community of interest had, one might think, something to do with the far-reaching pensiveness even of their most humorous writing, touching often the deepest springs of pity and awe, as the way of the highest humour is--a way, however, very different from that of the humorists of the eighteenth century.
A panic in a crowd, which partakes of a sort of community of interest, is not so terrible as a panic when one is by oneself; and such a panic I now suffered.
In 1876 the age of specialization and community of interest was in its dawn.
TORONTO -- A group from Istanbul met with staff and board members of the 519 Community Centre to learn about the organization and running of a community centre that serves a diverse community of interests.
That community of interests, which was established between the old seigneurial nobility and a new elite of local landowning notables, created the conditions for the making of a liberal state during the 19th century.
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