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Synonyms for nurse




look after

Synonyms for nurse

to promote and sustain the development of

to hold and turn over in the mind

Synonyms for nurse

a woman who is the custodian of children

try to cure by special care of treatment, of an illness or injury

maintain (a theory, thoughts, or feelings)

serve as a nurse

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treat carefully

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We have an experienced and highly skilled team of Children's Community Nurses who do all they can to make sure that children, who need ongoing care can be looked after in their own home with the right attention and support.
A community nurse also discussed the interview questions and stated, "The questions could be more behavior-based, which would eliminate getting similar answers from students.
If you would like to serve members of your worshipping community with your nursing skills, learn more by contacting Mary Donnelly, MSN, RN, FCN, Faith Community Nurse Liaison at Saint Thomas Health System, mary.
Investing in ward sisters and community nurse team leaders will enable them to concentrate on improving the high quality care we provide to our patients.
Faith community nurses in the Denver metro area serve as advocates by partnering with food banks, offering nutrition programs, providing blood pressure screening, assisting parishioners with the Medicaid application process, and encouraging members to complete the "5 Wishes" Directive.
The award celebrates the outstanding achievements, commitment and quiet dignity of community nurses across the UK.
NZNO said more discussion was needed on the education preparation for the community nurse prescriber and also on the titles and description of the two nursing roles.
Mimi Chu, a community nurse, sent a message for Barry O'Farrell.
This program is dedicated to promoting education and practice competency of the Faith Community Nurse and Lay Health Leader.
2007 - The QNI Fund for Innovation was created and the title of Queen's Nurse reinstated for a qualified community nurse who is committed to high standards of practice, learning and leadership.
The study reported here is based on data from 12 community nurse leaders within this sample from three health boards in Scotland.
More members of district nursing than health visiting teams were interviewed, reflecting the current profile of the community nurse workforce in Scotland.
The NSWNMA's current statewide television advertisements, one featuring a community nurse, are laying a platform for local nurses to raise the profile of community nursing in the Illawarra/Shoalhaven district, Jeff says.
A COVENTRY community nurse has retired after 41 years in the National Health Service.
The first ever all-Ireland community nurse conference was held in Dublin by Unite/CPHVA, the Institute of Community Health Nursing and the Irish Practice Nurses Association in June.
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