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Synonyms for nurse




look after

Synonyms for nurse

to promote and sustain the development of

to hold and turn over in the mind

Synonyms for nurse

a woman who is the custodian of children

try to cure by special care of treatment, of an illness or injury

maintain (a theory, thoughts, or feelings)

serve as a nurse

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treat carefully

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This paper describes the collaborative efforts of local community health nurses, nurse researchers, community groups and individuals, and local and regional health care providers with a Remote Area Medical (2002) (RAM) event in rural Appalachia.
As well, CHNC has a strong commitment to its membership and there have been a number of publications of documents which support and guide the work of the community health nurse.
As the only Community Health Nurse working in Tonopah and servicing surrounding rural areas, Beth describes herself as wearing "many hats.
The poster allowed us to research a population, which in turn allowed us to take on the role of a community health nurse.
Inconsistent and interchangeable use of terms such as community health nurse, public health nurse, visiting nurse, immunization nurse and child health nurse in the databases of the regulatory bodies limited our estimates of workforce capacity.
He added: 'Unite/CPHVA has had professional concerns regarding the community health nurse generic model right from the start, and our members continue to express professional disquiet with the on-going pilots.
I've contributed to five funded projects: 1) Prescription voucher program ($20,000); 2) Implementing Put Prevention Into Practice (PPIP) ($115,000); 3) Community health nurse positions ($104,000); 4) Occupational health program ($20,000); and 5) Pilot research program ($5,000).
NHS Lothian has confirmed that it will not be piloting the new community health nurse role as planned.
Scottish nursing officer Jane Walker spoke in place of chief nursing officer Paul Martin on piloting the Nurse Family Partnership and community health nurse team model.
John McLaren has resigned from his position as the Scottish chair of Unite/CPHVA, in order to devote more time to the enormous challenges that the proposed community health nurse pilot scheme is bringing to him and his fellow members in NHS Borders.
Their roles would be absorbed into a new service model--the community health nurse, with a strong, long-term conditions and chronic disease management focus.
Community Health Nurses of Canada 2014 Annual Conference: Blueprint for Action
2 million decrease to the Maternal Child Health Services Block Grant program, which provides community health nurses and newborn screening staff.
This conference will benefit health visitors, school nurses, community health nurses and community nursery nurses.
Rowena Wooters, RN, MS, past Director of Community Health Nurses in Fort Worth wrote an Emergency Plan for our church and community, which includes Texas Christian University Police and the Fort Worth Fire Department.
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