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a nonresidential junior college offering a curriculum fitted to the needs of the community

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This is a different time-saving effort for students, and it's helped with the enrollment," says Clyde Porter, assistant vice chancellor/director of facilities and district architect for the Dallas County Community College District.
We recently launched a pilot program with Mercer County Community College, near our home in New Jersey, to map students' strengths and weaknesses in such areas as time management, intellectual engagement, test-taking and study skills, and critical thinking.
The state's 110 Community colleges, including College of the Canyons and Antelope Valley College, would share $1.
City officials and library staff had spent several years developing plans to build a new library within a mile of the community college campus, near the geographic center of Westminster.
In order to gain a perspective of the California community college student population, this action research project focused on two characteristics found among all students--age and enrollment status.
Most places have a community college," she said at a press conference.
MacNeil, William (2000, June 12) Higher education, higher tuition, Community College Week, 6-8.
Indeed, the 1980s saw a shift in emphasis in community college culture from egalitarian access, which had largely been achieved, to academic quality (Behrendt, 1984).
The Maricopa County Community College District is one of the largest community college districts in the nation.
Faculty Innovation Chattanooga State Community College (TN) Halifax Community College (NC) Los Medanos College (CA) Montgomery College (MD)
Daytona Beach Community College has also developed an effective approach to resource allocation with a focus on selecting operational priorities for funding that support the college's strategic goals.
Both bills ask for more - more ways for community colleges to acquire facility space and more high school students taking summer classes in them.
Currently in Iowa seven community colleges belong to the Iowa Community College Online Consortium (ICCOC).
In the 1990 report, Serving Underprepared Students, the League for Innovation in the Community College points out that although minorities are overrepresented in the category described as "at risk," great diversity now exists in who belongs in this category, which can include recent high school graduates, returning adults, high school dropouts, illiterate adults, immigrants, and students with limited English proficiency.
Community college libraries may fit the new quality paradigm if several conditions are fulfilled: (1) quality is a campuswide initiative; (2) the convergence of the print-based and digital cultures is reckoned with; (3) library spaces are designed or redesigned as spaces correlative to the classroom with resources, staff, and services that support interactive learning styles; and (4) the colleges find a way to discover a quality-based model that challenges the long acknowledged missing organic relationship between the classroom and the library's role in support of independent lifelong learners.
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