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relating to or marked by communism


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It was imagined as something of a test case for his communistic Union, which he called 'Mediterranea'.
Karl Marx dismissed God as a hoax, and Lenin and Stalin have added in clear-cut, unmistakable language their resolve that no nation, no people who believe in a god, can exist side by side with their communistic state.
Everyone who possesses betel-nut or tobacco in excess of what he can actually consume on the spot, would be expected to give it away," Malinowski wrote, noting that this special rule, "which also happens to apply to such articles as are generally used by white men for trade," had misled some observers to attribute a communistic ethos to these aboriginals.
To the extent that liberalism has removed religion from political life it is little different from communistic or other totalitarian regimes that rest on a comprehensive vision of life that excludes God.
The assassination of his deputy Liaqat Ali Khan in 1951 is also shrouded in mystery; a number of stories doing round about the decision to associate the country with one of the two dominant blocks the US-led capitalistic block and the USSR-dominated communistic block.
But if Beatrice was to embrace communistic principles wholeheartedly, what about all those shares she held in capitalist Cadbury?
In the early 90's the change was concentrated at the idea of moving from a communistic system to a more democratic and free society.
Before the war, we lived in a communistic and socialistic system.
This is the type of government intervention that is expected from a socialist, fascist or communistic society, not a free society with a supposedly capitalist economic system.
It's a typical Communistic comment, to take from the people who know how to do things, and give to the people who don't.
To the communistic concerns of the continent's originary anarchists, Goldman coupled the humanist thrust of American transcendentalists, the uber-individualism of German nihilists, and psychoanalysts' premium on inner liberation.
It is a painfully unoriginal, uninteresting document, bland to its core, save for communistic hissing on equalities.
It touches on issues of communistic Cuba and slices of life from Nazi-led Europe during WWII.
You claim, if it wasn't for those darn Americans, Afghanistan could of/should of, been allowed to embrace the communistic authority being imposed upon them
The managements of Albanian television channels say that this law resembles a communistic version for depreciating the Albanian language and another absurd that will not be realized.