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relating to or marked by communism


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America's Jewish-Radical 'Masters', and The Communistic Jew Deal.
But if Beatrice was to embrace communistic principles wholeheartedly, what about all those shares she held in capitalist Cadbury?
In the early 90's the change was concentrated at the idea of moving from a communistic system to a more democratic and free society.
As one of the reasons for the brake-up was quoted the disappearance of the main foundation of the multiethnic socialistic Yugoslavia, the federal communistic union, which left the state unprotected.
The idea of the communes," he said, "has a marked Marxist and communistic tendency, like the Soviets of the former Soviet Union or the communes of China under Mao Zedong.
Unless Obama admits to being the anti-Christ chosen by the 33 degree Scottish Rite Freemasons to bring in tyranny under a communistic regime; no it won't make a bit of difference as Mitt is toast.
The recent disturbances have clearly demonstrated one thing, which should be carefully kept in view by the authorities ; and that is that, unconsciously, we have been harboring in out usually peaceful community a set of foreign revolutionary and Communistic characters who have tainted the lower orders of society with their dangerous principles, and, availing themselves of an exceptional period of commercial depression and consequent distress among the poor, have so worked upon rash and thoughtless minds as to foster and, so to say, establish a discontented and turbulent spirit, which only needs the occasion to manifest itself in new and repeated excesses (10).
Because that idea makes us willfully blind to at least half of our own activity, which could just as easily be described as being communistic or anarchistic.
Before the war, we lived in a communistic and socialistic system.
This is the type of government intervention that is expected from a socialist, fascist or communistic society, not a free society with a supposedly capitalist economic system.
They were in many cases signs of patriotism, maintaining religious dogma, aligning with power and class structure, and uplifting individual identities alongside attenuating socialistic and communistic ideals at parallel with augmenting secularization and liberalization.
16) Indeed, the Eighth Party Congress in March 1919 defined schools in Soviet Russia as "an instrument for the Communistic regeneration [pererozhdenie] of society" (17) Yet, according to Nikolai Bukharin, education should be viewed in the broader context of "proletarian coercion in all its forms," which together constitute "a method for the development [vyrabotka] of a communistic humanity from human material of the capitalist period.
The advertisements were a sequel to a similar campaign from the previous year, "Worth Defending," which had stressed the need for Canadians to be ready "morally, spiritually and physically to defend our freedoms against communistic ideology.
At the opposite end of the spectrum exist groups such as the one found at the Maylie household, where everyone sacrifices and shares in order to produce communistic harmony (Sanders 58).
It is a painfully unoriginal, uninteresting document, bland to its core, save for communistic hissing on equalities.