communist economy

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the managed economy of a communist state

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According to Chiapello and Ding [2005], the transition from a communist economy to a market economy presents an opportunity to identify an ideal-type of capitalist accounting; that is the type of accounting that would allow a capitalist economy to function well.
Even after a half-century of a strictly controlled Communist economy, the Chinese seem more culturally predisposed to capitalism than their Russian counterparts.
We witnessed the jolt of the Communist economy and today we will definitely witness the shaking of the capitalist economy as well," Supreme Leader's Advisor for Military Affairs Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi said.
Through the functions they held within the communist regime, the members of the nomenclature were the only ones capable to know the reality of the communist economy, they disposed of the experience of governing it, they had a strong relations system both home and abroad, and many of them reached the possession of important actives and capital, allowing them to develop the new economic and political activity.
Directed by Nhue Giang Pham, the film looks at the effect of capitalism on a former communist economy through the life of a young girl who suffers from lack of maternal affection.
The Treuhand's failures were largely blamed on the legacy of an inefficient, bureaucratic communist economy, while its rare successes were ascribed to a group of dedicated western managers who put their careers on hold to help the reconstruction effort.
It is largely the neocons that advised the post-Soviet countries on how to exit communist economy and create a "free" one.
While Bulgaria appears less in a rush to join the much troubled euro zone, voters have made clear they will not allow a return of any kind to a centrally planned Communist economy.