communist economy

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the managed economy of a communist state

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Through the functions they held within the communist regime, the members of the nomenclature were the only ones capable to know the reality of the communist economy, they disposed of the experience of governing it, they had a strong relations system both home and abroad, and many of them reached the possession of important actives and capital, allowing them to develop the new economic and political activity.
The Treuhand's failures were largely blamed on the legacy of an inefficient, bureaucratic communist economy, while its rare successes were ascribed to a group of dedicated western managers who put their careers on hold to help the reconstruction effort.
While Bulgaria appears less in a rush to join the much troubled euro zone, voters have made clear they will not allow a return of any kind to a centrally planned Communist economy.
Noting that Afghanistan was passing through a difficult period, Spanta said that his country was not only on the phase of transition from war to peace but also from communist economy to liberal economy.
In an effort to lift the gloom they have vowed to ramp up levels of social security, promising to reinstate many of the benefits once central to China's communist economy but which have been lost over the last three decades of reforms.
China went from being a closed, centrally planned communist economy to a largely market-oriented open economy.
The real point is that the transformation of China from a Communist economy into a quasi-capitalistic system, which began 25 years ago, is beginning to hit stride.