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a form of socialism that abolishes private ownership

a political theory favoring collectivism in a classless society

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It emerged that Americans and Germans alike considered Communism and the USSR the real enemy; America recognized Nazi Germans as the most adept Communist hunters in the world, so it made good sense to employ them
Chinese Communism before the economic reform that began in 1979 is covered in a single sentence.
Among the Czechs I've spoken with on this and three previous trips in the past five years, none were nostalgic for communism, and all seemed more concerned with the present, with its opportunities and problems, than with the past.
For some, the answer was Communism, a philosophy that had just taken hold in the Soviet Union.
The lack of interest by blacks in communism can be measured palpably.
But in the mid-1990s, after the collapse of Communism in Europe, the company switched back.
The album finishes with the National Anthem of the Soviet Union, which was re-adopted by Russia after the fall of communism, and can be heard quite a lot at the moment when another Russian competitor picks up a medal at the Olympics.
As it turned out, communism didn't crumble entirely under its own weight, after all; Reagan helped it along.
Hobsbawm's communism, then, might well be regarded as the essential precondition for writing the sort of integrated, synthetic work that made his name.
He even led some Americans to believe that Hitler had been Europe's last and best chance to escape communism, that the United States made a mistake by not supporting his drive to the East.
In one concise excerpt, Wright emotionally and critically raises a fistful of the major themes of his lifetime's writing: existentialism, the Southern migration and Northern urbanization of mid-century blacks, the hope and failure of Communism, class struggle, black men and white women, and the force of writing itself.
Kennan, who served briefly in the Truman Administration, was among the first to recognize that the United States could not defeat communism outright but could contain it and the nations infected by it, beginning with the Soviet Union.
This book views the history of communism as it evolved against the backdrop of contemporary European history and as it was revealed in the struggle between communism and the Roman Catholic Church over the spirit and future of the continent.
He has written several books and in 1970 set up the Centre for the Study of Religion and Communism, which later became the Keston Institute.
Weisberg depicted the endless rehashing of who was right about communism as a kind of family co-dependency among leftists and ex-leftists.