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Synonyms for communique

an official report (usually sent in haste)

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I will highlight the differences and similarities between the text of the law and the text of the communique.
Article 53 states that no goods or services other than those described in the communique as novelties can be given to readers as a novelty.
The Shura Council, the upper house of the bicameral parliament, on Monday issued a strongly-worded communique praising the Saudis and expressing solidarity with them.
Lu denounced the Shanghai Communique, which was signed between Washington and Beijing during U.
Lu noted that the one-China stance of Taiwan's then ruling Nationalist Party (KMT) government referred to in the Shanghai Communique did not reflect the will of the Taiwan people.
A second joint communique, signed in 1979 as Washington switched diplomatic recognition from Taipei to Beijing, and a third one signed in 1982 further defined U.
The war of the communiques between the GIA and its Islamist critics became a discursive contest over control of the scope of the jihad and the definition of legitimate targets.
The position is summed up in a GIA communique posted in an Algiers suburb in 1997: "There is no neutrality in the war we are waging.
In a communique in 1995, the GIA outlined its rationale for attacking the press:
That people were still in the streets on 9 January, 9 February, and 9 March 1988, however, was largely due to the efforts of the UNLU in managing the resistance and its use of communiques in coordinating such efforts.
Half a year later, the public arena having been effectively shut down by Israeli policies,(8) the communiques reflected a shift from people to tasks.
In place of the hopeful, enthusiastic focus of the earlier communiques were calls such as the following:
In addition to the communiques issued by the UNLU, local committees, individual political factions, women's groups and others have also issued leaflets.
While the UNLU bayan in the hijab campaign was supportive of women's rights, communiques often marginalized women by referring to them in ways that were traditional, patriarchal and condescending.
A communique issued on 9 November 1989 by the PFLP then made the following declaration: