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the table in Christian churches where communion is given

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In his discussion of altars versus communion tables, for example, he not only offers a detailed description of the physical pieces and how they would have been constructed, but also analyzes the socioeconomic conditions of those who would have constructed them (and, in some cases, destroyed them).
The high altar was set aside and the communion table (which still survives) dragged forward closer to the congregation.
The sanctuary is uniquely shaped as the Discipleship of Christ tradition calls for this sacred space to be set up with all people in equal distance from the communion table in the center of the room.
They establish how fully dominant the Puritan liturgical programme (typified by the communion table set east and west in the body of the chancel) had become in the first 50 years after the Reformation, with only Elizabeth's Chapel Royal (altar set north and south up steps and furnished with candles and even a crucifix) as the lonely exception that proved the rule.
They also may have started the tradition of putting flowers on the Communion table at church, added Jodie Martinson, a member of the Historical Society's program committee.
I deliver them from wherever I wish -- in the pulpit, behind the communion table, or moving around the sanctuary.
My religious teaching has always been that the Church welcomes all baptized to come to the communion table as equals.
And I continue to consider these questions more since my experience at the Liberian Communion table at Monrovia United Methodist Church in April 2006.
CLEVELAND -- Lutheran Bishop Marcus Miller and United Methodist Bishop John Hopkins stood on either side of the Communion table Jan.
You would find Anglicans all over the map with respect to abortion or stem cell research or Iraq, but we all go to the communion table together and receive the body and blood of Christ and find our unity there.
The coffin, mounted on a wheeled chromium-plated bier, was parked under the elaborately-carved pulpit, where the communion table usually stood.
Seating was re-arranged to focus on the communion table (altar) and the cross.
It is not the Cardinal's responsibility or anyone else's responsibility to pass judgment on Catholics as they proceed to the Communion table.
Much original woodwork has been lost, or altered; stained-glass windows have been inserted and the interior painted and gilded, but the main difference today is that whereas Hawksmoor placed the Communion table in the eastward facing apse, according to traditional Christian practice, the altar was later moved to the north of a complicated and most unusual plan.
And the Communion table has been placed behind the drums at the back of the stage.