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able or tending to communicate

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to bridge the communicatory distance between the unequal partners involved by adapting language, subject-matter and formal and thematic features to correspond to the children's stage of development and the repertory of skills they have already acquired" (14).
Facial expressions, their communicatory functions and neuro-cognitive substrates.
In addition, it has been shown recently that these structures can be altered to produce adaptations to specific communicatory pressures (Oberdorster and Grant, 2007).
iheringi by Postiglioni & Costa (2006), indicating that this behavior could be acting as a series of communicatory signals in sexual context, maybe using a seismic and/ or acoustic channel.
The relational, communicatory, and ethical dynamics of gross material inequity among persons in close social proximity have challenged and bedeviled Western missionaries from the beginning.
Many more have a characteristic profile of communicatory and stereotypical autistic-like behaviours.