communications technology

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the activity of designing and constructing and maintaining communication systems

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PBI Cable Group publisher Tim Hermes said the magazine "is a natural extension of our main brand, Communications Technology.
Platforms Wireless International Corporation, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, is the developer of the innovative airborne wireless communications technology known as the Airborne Relay Communications "ARC" System Core Technology.
Having Current Analysis' team of experts on hand at GLOBALCOMM helps the entire international information and communications technology industry better understand the companies, technologies and trends on display on the show floor," said TIA President Matthew J.
Natural and man-made disasters of the past few years remind us that in spite of the tremendous achievements in communications technology for disaster mitigation, mother nature and mankind are capable of tremendous disruption," says Stephen Tom, executive director, Pacific Telecommunications Council.
IRVING, Texas -- Elcoteq SE, global provider of electronics manufacturing services (EMS) for the Communications Technology industry, has been selected by Red Herring magazine as one of the inaugural Red Herring Small Cap 100.
enabling "smart intersections"), but via its highly accurate GPS and satellite communications technology it will allow automated reporting of incidents, irrespective of the limitations of local terrestrial coverage.
AVST), a leading provider of unified communications solutions, plans to demonstrate its commitment to the higher education marketplace by showcasing its product line to communications technology professionals from colleges and universities around the world.
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