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According to the Academy's sources, it has made seven communications satellites for overseas users, including Pakistan.
We will come to a final decision with one of these four countries and execute the construction of National Communications Satellite Project as one of the objectives of the Sixth Development Plan.
Many broadcasting companies are interested in entering the communications satellite digital broadcasting business due to the success of SKYPefecTV in winning viewers for its pay TV service.
The Bell System's important role in satellite communications experimentation began on August 12, 1960 when a Thor-Delta missile launched Echo I, the world's first passive communications Satellite .
Orbital is the world leader in the market for smaller, more affordable GEO communications satellites.
Nigerian Communications Satellite Limiteds GM (Satellite Applications) Mr.
New constellations of communications satellites are being boosted into orbit at an astonishing pace, ready to link billions of people who have never made a telephone call to the modern world.
15 launching of an Ariane 3 rocket that deployed a pair of communications satellites, one for the 26-nation European Telecommunications Satellite Organization and another for Australia.
This innovative propulsion system is more efficient and smaller compared with chemical propulsion systems, used by most communications satellites.
Meanwhile, the Syncom 3 communications satellite, deployed in April but which reached its final orbit only after being repaired from the shuttle in August (SN: 9/7/85, p.
Will be Largest Commercial Communications Satellite Ever Launched
Attendees can find out more about telecommunications satellites such as the latest communications satellite built for DirecTV that will provide High Definition television to Brazil.
Yet the work carried out on the Syncom 3 communications satellite during the just-completed mission of the shuttlecraft Discovery (though the payoff will not be known until late next month) is a major step in that direction.
Orbital Sciences Corporation (NYSE:ORB) announced today that the Optus D1 commercial communications satellite, built by Orbital for Optus Networks Pty Limited (Optus) of Australia, was successfully launched into its targeted orbit aboard an Ariane 5 rocket on Friday, October 13.
As per the source, with its Long March-3B carrier rocket from southwest Satellite Launch Centre recently, China fortunately sent a Bolivian communications satellite into orbit.
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