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13) The split between people who are within one's communicational reach and people who are not, is nuanced further in Milan Kundera's short story, "The Border" (1981: 195-228).
Or, to complicate even further, the aside could be described as a metatextual elaboration on the discursive integrity of the communicational transactions of a play.
GenCOM-HLS system provides intelligence consumers with new possibilities, insights and alerts thanks to continuous analysis of communicational behavior and movement of suspects," said Tala Cohen, CEO of Genesis EW.
As we mentioned, there are various scientific communicational channels between universities and research centers, there are many other communicational channels with the aim for improving these scientific collaborations.
Therefore, the more deterministic thinking in individuals , the more depression, anxiety and obsession while the less communicational skills and life expectancy as well as forgiveness can be expected.
It is being organised in support of charity with part of the proceeds going towards the Bahrain Society for Children with Behavioural and Communicational Difficulties.
In reality, according to the communicational conception of narrative (which implicitly lies at the foundation of narratology), it should simply be considered as a pragmatic presupposition of any narrative: until the contrary can be shown, there is no imagining a narrative without a narrator; where there is narrative, there just has to be someone who tells it.
Chapter 8 is devoted to a critique of two seminal articles by Karl Weick in which, together with Weick's later book, Sensemaking in Organizations (1995), he "comes very close to what we are saying, but Weick does not take the idea any further, stopping short, as the authors perceive it, of "an understanding of the organization as a communicational construction or an awareness of the institutionalizing of human society that accompanies organization with its many internal contradictions and tensions, an aspect of organization that Max Weber, good jurist that he was, at least hinted at" (p.
In order to maintain communicational effectiveness, biopharma leaders are beginning to explore different forms and frequencies of internal communication, and identify the most preferred and effective channels.
If you have been affected by transport, postal or communicational problems in the last three weeks, Mercury's rewind is likely to have played a part in this.
2003) defined the morphological space of a system like a sub-space of R10 presenting in a vector the characters of all organizational agent activities, "according to notions of supremacy, independence, persistence, easiness, velocity, intensity of internal flux, complexity, communicational frequency, organizational gap and transport of information".
Ashok K Singh in a study of 100 rural entrepreneurs from four blocks of two districts of Bihar reported about the four constraints faced by these enterprises: socio-personal, techno-logical, economic and communicational, responsible for non-adoption of technologies by the rural people.
As demonstrated in the students' comments, accent evaluation posed as a significant communicational structural force in the context of education.
It can be maintained that it is a phoneme that has certain suprasegmental features that are above all used for highlighting grammatical and communicational meanings.
There is a by now a large body of linguistic and communicational studies of Internet language in German that does make a qualitative difference to how the state of the art is represented.
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