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The "communication and emotional use" factor assesses the communicational and emotional repercussions resulting from mobile phone abuse: "Do you think life without a mobile is boring, empty and sad?
Instruments offered to comply with this moral mandate include tools via the Internet and other communicational mechanisms that provide information through the privacy of personal computers, home entertainment devices and cell phones, or are disseminated in other everyday spaces such as schools or work places.
He announced construction of 250-bed hospital at Nankana Sahib and metaling of road linking Sahianwala with Sangla Hill to provide better communicational facilities to the farmers to bring their agricultural produce to fetch better returns.
With God's grace, he managed to pick up very well following the occupational therapy, communicational therapy and on-to-one education practice.
They cover harmonizing new technologies with strategy, structure, and culture; challenges technological and organizational changes pose for human resource management; the concept of electronic human resource management, its evolution, and its effects on organizational outcomes; organizational change success as a communicational agency effect: structuration, textualizing, and networking; electronic human resource management in small and medium companies: an exploratory study in a Portuguese municipality; collaboration in processes supported by Web 2.
limited computational and communicational capabilities) of key devices like sensor nodes.
The article suggests that all media are social and that much is learned about the basic nature of communication by investigating the communicational translation of a technology into a medium.
We will continue our communicational approach based on the brand content.
Depending on the different contexts and communicational situations, each bilingual families could have different outcomes that can not be easily generalized.
Evaluate your internal communication and other types of communicational materials, such as benefit packages.
The Nakgami distribution is comprehensively used to model the fading of radio signals and other areas of communicational engineering.
1) Caught in the communicational vortex, we find ourselves out of balance in the face of gadgets which deprive us of the necessary time to reflect upon our current status.
Communicational transparency must be the new rule by both army and police.
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