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a trench that provides protected passage between the rear and front lines of a defensive position

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But it is The Communication Trench which made the biggest impression on David Grey.
Front cover image: The King's Liverpool Regiment moving along a communication trench leading to the front line, near Blairville Wood, April 16, 1916
Soon after, on July 3, Second Lieutenant James led a group of bomb throwers up a Turkish communication trench.
The 20[th] Battalion was responsible for the sector of Calonne, north of a main German Communication Trench, named Cougar.
A painting of Herbert James who led a ngroup of bomb throwers, tasked with taking a Turkish communication trench in Gallipoli
It was impossible for us to arrive in Bethune in an hour on foot, but the Brigadier's car was waiting for us at the mouth of the communication trench and in it we piled.
We were blown about 20 feet along the trench and ended up in a communication trench.
They were all right for walking through water but were a nuisance when the trenches were very muddy; often when walking down a communication trench a man would sink in mud above the knees and in trying to get one leg free the other would be sinking deeper.
The enemy were now shelling all along our front and the communication trench was congested.
One action followed another for all the Pals, with the 3rd Pals (16th RWR) suffering 25 killed in four days of bombardment in May 1916 as part of the Battle of Arras, and in June, with light casualties for once, fighting so effectively in an attack on Orpy Wood that divisional orders named the main German trench they had captured as 'Birmingham Street' and the nearby communication trench 'Brum Street.
Seizing his weapon and wabbing equipment, he stumbles along the communication trench.
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