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Table 1 The Compelling Match Between Autism and AAC Autism AAC Preference for visual stimuli Uses visual medium Difficulty with complex stimuli Begins with simple strategies / tools & uses increasingly more complex stimuli Difficulty with motor planning Requires simple motor movements Difficulty with social interactions Provides a buffer and a bridge between communication partners Interest in inanimate objects Uses communication boards & speech generating devices Difficulties with behavior Preempts difficult behaviors by providing a way to have needs met
AudioCodes' product line includes, VoIP communication boards, VoIP media gateway modules, voice over packet chip processors, media gateway subsystems and communications software.
As the primary provider of VoIP communication boards in Cosmobridge's network solutions, AudioCodes will be providing media gateway functionality in all VoIP gateways, assisting in a quicker overall implementation and the shortest possible time-to-market.
Nasdaq: AUDC), and comMATCH, a member of Telrad Group, today announced a joint product offering of AudioCodes compactPCI TrunkPack communication boards with comMATCH GCC V5.
Products include Encryption Components, Openbus(TM) Interface Components and Openbus(TM) Communication Boards.
bridge Networks Corporation, designs, manufacturers and sells Openbus interface components, Data Security chips, and Openbus communication boards.
The company has provided a leadership role in the evolution of voice over packet technology -- from algorithms and chip development to communication boards and modules.
The products include standard and intelligent serial communication boards and a line of cluster controllers.
Newbridge Microsystems, a division of Newbridge Networks Corporation, NNCXF (NASDAQ: NNCXF; Toronto) designs, manufactures and sells public and private key encryption components, interface components for VMEbus and Futurebus+, and communication boards for Sbus and VMEbus.
AudioCodes products include its highly flexible, scalable, and leading edge media gateway systems, VoIP communication boards, VoIP media gateway modules, VoP chip processors, and analog media gateways for access and enterprise solutions.
0, NetWare and the DigiBoard communication boards will provide users with the best asynchronous LAN solutions possible," said Mike Moroz, Digi International's chief executive officer.
Gemini SE users and the professionals who work with them can use these three software applications to build communication boards and allow for easy expression of thoughts, feelings and needs.
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