communicating artery

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any of three arteries in the brain that make up the circle of Willis

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Subdural hematoma of the posterior fossa due to posterior communicating artery aneurysm rupture.
Optochiasmal arachnoiditis following cotton wrapping of anterior communicating artery aneurysm treated by surgical removal of granuloma.
A microcatheter was then advanced from the left ICA across the anterior communicating artery and down the right ICA.
compression of the nerve in the inter-penducular fossa by aneurysm of the posterior communicating artery, which appears most prone to this disorder, or of the basilar, posterior cerebral or superior cerebellar arteries.
In 1%-2% of women, however, one uterine artery is hypoplastic, and a large communicating artery connects the ovarian artery to the uterus.
Interestingly, the AV malformation was being fed by a communicating vessel from the posterior internal communicating artery (Fig.
When location was examined as a risk factor, only aneurysms in the anterior communicating artery (ACoA) and posterior communicating artery (PCoA) were significantly more likely to be found among patients with ruptured aneurysms.
Left anterior and middle cerebral arterial flow was maintained through the anterior communicating artery.
Approximately 15% to 45% of aneurysms are multiple, and their most common locations are along the anterior communicating artery complex, along the supraclinoid internal carotid artery, at the middle cerebral artery bifurcation, at the basilar artery tip, and at the origin of the posterior inferior cerebellar artery.
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