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any of three arteries in the brain that make up the circle of Willis

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Posterior communicating artery hypoplasia as a risk factor for acute ischemic stroke in the absence of carotid artery occlusion.
Some studies do not describe specific variants of the anterior communicating artery and group them as "fenestrations of the AComA", which limits the anatomical knowledge of this vessel (Kayembe et al, 1984; Dimmick & Faulder, 2009; Ferre et al, 2013; Hashemi et al, 2013; Iqbal, 2013; Kardile et al.
For treating anterior communicating artery aneurysms, the Sylvian fissure are usually located at the lateral 1/3 of the bone window, 2/3 of the brain tissue exposed under the bone window is the frontal lobe, and the other 1/3 is the temporal lobe.
For imaging of the ruptured aneurysm, the anterior cerebral arteries were dissected approximately 10 mm proximal and distal to the anterior communicating artery.
With the development of the posterior communicating artery and fusion of the paired longitudinal neural arteries into the basilar artery, these anastomoses begin to regress and disappear by the 14 mm stage [5].
sup][1],[2] In general, anterior communicating artery and posterior circulation aneurysms tend to cause such IVHs.
Vascular Geometry Change Because of Endovascular Stent Placement for Anterior Communicating Artery Aneurysms.
These included anterior communicating artery aneurysm in 13 patients, contralateral MCA aneurysm in seven patients, posterior communicating artery aneurysm in five patients, internal carotid artery bifurcation aneurysms in three patients, and basilar bifurcation aneurysm in one patient.
Moikunate, "Vertebral Artery Hypoplasia: importance for stroke development, the role of posterior communicating artery, possibility for surgical and conservative treatment," Acta Medica Lituanica, vol.
In almost all reported series of aSDH caused by aneurysm, the most common aneurysm arises in the posterior communicating artery followed by the MCA.
At a level 5 cm proximal to the upper margin of flexor retinaculum there was a transversely placed communicating artery of 1 cm length joining SUA & radial artery (Figure 2).
Occlusion of the posterior communicating artery mimicking cerebral aneurysm: case report.
Posterior communicating artery is its most important component which connects vertebro-basilar and carotid arterial system.
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