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a person entitled to receive Communion

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In some churches they are given to the communicant by the presiding minister or the person who is assisting to distribute the communion.
Communicant has already secured private equity of $325 million (April 8, 2002) in addition to the $363 million in government grants announced today.
Building a financial and capital structure for Communicant is a challenge that I look forward to because I firmly believe in the company's vision.
The headline "Vatican halts liturgical abuses" on page 13 of the June issue of Catholic Insight is naive and overly optimistic to the point of absurdity, as any communicant at Toronto's Saint Michael's Cathedral can confirm.
Once a bishop hands over decision-making in the area of same-sex blessings in addition to recognition of orders or communicant status to the local congregation, one may legitimately ask, what is the bishop for and, given the autonomy of the local congregation, does the church need bishops for any purposes other than purely decorative?
In the further interest of this perceived egalitarian "Agape Feast" along with its advancement of human dignity, it is also required, we are told, that the communicant must now stand when receiving Holy Communion.
In her younger years, Josephine was a communicant of St.
I look forward to the challenge of building a supply management and development structure that will empower Communicant to be the driving force in semiconductor manufacturing in Europe.
Sir - As a fellow communicant of the Church in Wales who believes that the Welsh Assembly has done absolutely nothing for the people of Wales, I wrote to my archbishop some three months ago expressing my concern that he was taking a political stance over the Welsh Assembly and asking him whether he was doing it in a personal capacity or as Archbishop of Wales.
Adds another communicant, "Matt," who works for a major right-wing lobbying group: "I think it'd be valuable for people to know that there are gay conservatives working for change from the inside.
The chancellor must be at least 30, a barrister with seven years' experience and a communicant of the Church of England.
And the E-mail from long-time communicant Wilma Mathews, ABC, director, public relations, at Arizona State University, said "In the March issue of communications briefings, there's an item on a handbook called 'Walk Awhile in My Shoes.
21) is filled here with sin's poison, which displaces the divine blood that in turn becomes that of the communicant, who, presumably, was filled hitherto with the sin now coursing through his saviour's veins.
The technology has come a long way in the past few years, and the Communicant offering provides another opportunity to broaden the scope of SiGe applications.