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a person entitled to receive Communion

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After its origin, it issues from one to two small branch, creating a vessel net called rostral communicant artery.
State-owned investors acquired part of the shares of Communicant Semiconductor Technologies.
21) is filled here with sin's poison, which displaces the divine blood that in turn becomes that of the communicant, who, presumably, was filled hitherto with the sin now coursing through his saviour's veins.
We are currently able to provide prototyping and bridge capacity through our partner, IHP, and will be transitioning chip manufacturing to the Communicant foundry in 2004.
Communicant Semiconductor Technologies AG is the world's first communication-focused pure-play integrated circuits foundry serving the wireless, broadband and high-performance markets.
As a daily communicant, I am in the habit of examining my conscience frequently and have had to lighten up on myself and others through the years.
But I do not know how a priest can determine sufficiently well the disposition of the communicant unless the communicant belongs to a church which has the sacrament of Penance and the communicant has gone to Confession if a mortal sin has been committed since his previous Confession.
AS a life-long communicant I now know why the Church of England and the Church in Wales are losing members.
Communicant Semiconductor Technologies AG (Communicant), a premier European silicon germanium foundry, announced the appointment of Jacky McNulty as vice president of supply management.
In her younger years, Josephine was a communicant of St.
The communicant would thus take the cloth in both hands and hold it under his chin.
Other instances of local option have been the admission of children to communion, the use or non-use of the Book of Alternative Services and Book of Common Prayer, and the rite of confirmation, which is no longer the gateway to communicant status in some, if not most, parishes.
Communicant Semiconductor Technologies AG (Communicant), a premier European silicon germanium foundry, announced it received approval from the European Union (EU) for federal and state government subsidies of $363 million in the form of cash grants and government loan guarantees.
While living in Worcester, she had been a communicant of Saint Bernard's Church, and later, a communicant of Saint Clare's Church in North Palm Beach, FL.
Eucharistic Communion is an intimate sharing between Christ and the communicant.