commune with

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  • verb

Synonyms for commune with



talk to


  • talk to
  • communicate with
  • discuss with
  • confer with
  • converse with
  • discourse with
  • parley with
References in classic literature ?
The relic of barbarism, the primitive commune with each guarantee for all, will disappear of itself; serfdom has been abolished--there remains nothing but free labor, and its fomms are fixed and ready made, and must be adopted.
In this strain of consolation, Herbert informed me the invisible Barley would commune with himself by the day and night together; often while it was light, having, at the same time, one eye at a telescope which was fitted on his bed for the convenience of sweeping the river.
c) the edges of the city - the streets were classified roads provincial, district and commune with detached houses relaxed to distributed largely of a buildi