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Synonyms for communalize

to place under government or group ownership or control

Synonyms for communalize

make something the property of the commune or community


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Furthermore, they would most likely be able to deconstruct and better apprehend the issues of the underlying power struggle inherent in ethnic communalization that rigidly mobilizes a group's historical and cultural specificities.
This frank essay openly discusses the communalization of the conflict between Turks and Kurds and examines its potential consequences.
Through "ethnicization and communalization of politics," the state creates a differentiated, unequal citizenship for those "who are otherwise undesirable, unassimilable, and deeply different" (Ibid.
Also, religions will lend themselves to the communalization of politics.
We have to promote the right-based communalization of water for all, and not conflicts and war.
The impact of communalization of the diaspora is only extended by the failure of the Ta'if Accords to reconstruct and reconcile the Lebanese within a new moral community.
In late May, a new coalition, the United Progressive Alliance (UPA), came to power and pledged to "take immediate steps to reverse the trend of communalization of education," which it said had occurred when the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) governed India.
Such a blurring in commentary editions of xiaoshuo texts is a continuation of written xiaoshuo's dissolution of the solitariness and permanence natural to all writings, making them instead reflect the communalization that characterized China's oral storytelling sessions in times gone by.
Subsequent communalization dealt a further blow to food supplies, yet initially increased food consumption, as the communal kitchens, celebrating newfound "prosperity," provided generous helpings free of charge until the gravity of the shortage became obvious.
Social Change and Agriculture in the West Bank 1950-1967: Aspects of Sharecropping and Communalization.
Communalization Return to local communities, including schools, apartments and sports facilities.
This attempted communalization of individual rights makes little sense to me.
Arab News: The communalization of politics, bureaucracy and judiciary has caused a lot of problems for Muslims in India.
Meant to reduce disparities between rich and poor, the zakat was no radical socialist measure aimed at the communalization of private property.
He spoke about SIO's endeavors to influence India's national educational agenda, which according to him is heading toward privatization, commercialization and communalization.