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Synonyms for communalize

to place under government or group ownership or control

Synonyms for communalize

make something the property of the commune or community


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Is secular/ socialist communalization a better form of government for the Kurds compared to tribalism?
We need to discuss this axis in relation to sexuality and religious identity as well in the context of Kapur's (2005) discussion of communalization and the problem of criminalizing sexuality.
The dearth of information, both qualitative and quantitative, about the status of Muslim women in general, and communalization of gender issues in particular, has led to the portrayal of their stereotypical images in academic discourse and in media.
Communalization, contribution to other SOE companies and transfer of assets or companies to various government agencies were examples of such methods.
These gestures include his decision to contest from Varanasi and not offer a single ticket to Muslim candidate in Uttar Pradesh, marking a shift to a "low intensity" communalization.
93) Shay further identifies the communalization of trauma as crucial to the process of healing for the injured veteran, and argues that narrative representation of traumatic experience among sympathetic and respectful peers can counteract trauma's isolating effects and reestablish social connections.
Put differently, there can only be collective solutions to the libidinal disinvestment that boredom might represent, which, for Bifo and other likeminded thinkers in the autonomist tradition, is simultaneously a political, cultural and psychotherapeutic project, itself hinging on the growing awareness of the inherently social nature of the general intellect, and hence of the 'commonality of knowledge, [the] ideological crisis of private ownership, [and] communalization of need'.
By locating religion within sacred networks of belief and understanding, I follow the lead of researchers who examine "the relational forms of communalization of religion 'into networks'" (Hervieu-Leger, 2002, page 103).
While reacting to homeland politics, many of these organizations fell prey to the communalization of politics in India, which spread to the second and third generation Indian Americans.
The communal lifestyle reminded me of the people's communalization movement 60 years ago in China.
Likewise, classes may also be viewed as liminal social forms insofar as individuals are oriented more toward life-chances, services, and property-ownership than toward meaningful modes of association (Vergemeinschaftung) and communalization (Vergesellschaftung), such as those which characterize parties and status groups.
He begins by tracing the origins of the quest for minimum living space requirements, the Bolshevik approach to answering it, and how the communalization of apartments led to the Khrushchev design.
Since communalization in 2008 the local authorities and the company Silesian Trams Company have implemented renewal of rolling stock through modernization of tram-cars and major repairs of tracks.
The Indian policy toward Pakistan envisions communalization, hatred, and bringing back the old Hindu and Muslim antagonism as it persisted during the British era.